Thursday, March 29, 2018

We are at Stanford children's today, first consultation with the cardiologist, then MRI. I (Tawny) actually just left to go pick up Inara from school, while Bo is there with Orion. He has been getting tired quickly after exercise, just a few minutes of running will get his SATs to drop down to the low 80s. They are hypothesizing that his FPO/ASD is leaking too much oxygenated blood out, causing him to fatigue. He has a cardiac catheterization scheduled for April 10, they want to balloon the FPO to see if that improves his oxygen levels. If it does, they will put in a device to close the hole. If he doesn't need it, or if the device is too large (it's about the size of a quarter), they will check back on him in a year or two. Brief post, I'm in the car pick up line to get little Indy! Will update again :)