Friday, April 05, 2013

Orion and Blake update

Orion is now 6 weeks post op and doing fine. Lots of minor obstacles but all is good now. His incision site got infected multiple times, he had what drs think was a mini stroke which brought him to er, lots of blood tests and ultrasounds. He goes back to cardiology for a check up next month and we will talk about changing his meds. Overall his energy level is much higher. I recall a day where we spend the entire morning and afternoon on a school field trip to a farm (lots and lots of walking!) and when we got home he played tennis for a couple hours! He is still having night terrors but they are lessening. He's happy to be back at school and having play dates to keep him busy.

Blake has been sick with a cold forever (me too) so he is mostly whiny and clingy all day long. He likes to fight sleep. He would rather spend his time eating. Now a year old, he knows so much! He's a good talker (mama, dada, brother, more, bird, car, done, Elmo, big bird) and he signs a lot. He understands sample commands (clap your hands, get your shoes, dance, jump) and he answers yes by vigorously shaking his whole body up and down. Sometimes I forget to play games with him like "where's your nose?" etc maybe because I forget he's still a baby?? He seems like such a big boy to me. So today I asked him about different body parts and I was surprised he knew so many: hands, feet, nose, mouth, ear, head, penis :)