Thursday, February 14, 2013

We are going home soon, What a difference 5 years makes.

Orion's cath yesterday was a success. The Melody valve was placed successfully, and the result was a pulmonary valve with little-to no leak (about the same as you and me). Needless to say Tawny, I, and Orion (once O fully recovers), are ecstatic at the outcome. Just only 5 years ago, when Orion got his pulmonary value placed, there was no option but open heart surgery. Now after two days at the hospital, Orion already seems back to his goofy self and is about to be sent home.

pwa pwa a

-Bo & O------------------------------^^


chicaandroid said...

So glad Orion is recovering well. I'm looking forward to seeing him playing with Daniel again.

Monica Williamson said...

What wonderful news! Norah and our entire family are wishing Orion well. Big hugs and Happy Valentines Day from the Williamsons.