Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growing Up In A Week

Orion's gone from being so shy and having separation anxiety during his first weeks of preschool to saying "I love you, teacher" and giving her a kiss :)

He is FINALLY sleeping in his own bed!!!!!!!! It only took 4.5 years but we did it. He has one of those ikea reversible beds and promised he'd sleep in it if we put the bunk on top. I cushioned it with about a billion pillows just in case. Even though we will find him wandering into our bed at 3am, I am still so happy I don't have little feet kicking me all night long. The only problem I have now is that I'm too anxious to know if he is ok in his bed. I feel like a worry-wort all night. Then I finally end up falling into a deep sleep and don't wake up to change his diapers. His clothes and bed are usually soaked by the middle of the night (bad mommy).

Our forward-facing boy :( We tried our best to keep him rear-facing as long as possible. At 37 inches tall and 30 pounds, he was finally reaching the maximum height on his Britax Boulevard. I even tried to find a taller carseat to keep him rear-facing, but no such luck. So here he is with a big grin on his face sitting in his forward-facing seat for the first time :)

Getting the old infant carseat out to see how it fit's in our car. Orion had to make sure to try it out first :) Yup, he's gettin big!

And this is what he loves to do all day everyday!

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