Sunday, March 20, 2011


I found the most perfect soccer program for Orion this year. It is an inclusion program for typical and special needs kids, and it is all provided by volunteers. It is for kids age 5-18, and there is a "preschool" group for the young ones. Orion is in the age 2-4 group since the 4-6 group seemed to be more active. Each session is an hour long, and he got the hang of things very quickly! He was shy in the beginning, but wanted to take part in all the drills once he felt comfortable.

My absolute favorite thing about this group is that there are three coaches plus four volunteers (I think they were in high school) for a group of ten kids! Each child got the attention they needed to get involved in the game. Orion was running a bit behind the rest of the kids, but there was always someone with him to cheer him on and guide him. They also understand when he would get tired and let him just hang out and watch the rest of the kids. Love that understanding!!

The kids were supposed to be in a circle kicking the ball to each other, but Orion hogged the ball and just wanted to make goals.

Aliens vs. humans. The aliens knock down cones.

Humans fix the cones.

Favorite drill: making goals.

More goals.