Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the start of 2011

we got through the whole end of 2010 without any sicknesses, and of course we start the year with stomach flus and colds. orion is sick as a dog. with a stomach virus that has turned into a common cold with sneezes, runny nose, stuffiness, coughing, and sore throat, i truly forgot what it is like to have a sick kid! the grumpiness, whining, no sleep, no eating is a nice reminder about how sick he used to get in previous years and how what a great "healthy" season we have had so far. hopefully this won't take a toll on his body and he'll get through it quickly.

bo was lucky to be away in tahoe when we all got sick, so i'm also hoping he doesn't catch it now!

orion's additional supplements to his diet are not working. he has been the same exact weight since he first got weighed at the dietician's office. this cold isn't helping either! she said to be patient and give it time, so we will see. her goal is for him to gain 5g a day, i don't know when that's gonna start....

i have been busy doing a deep cleaning of our house, including donating a lot of things we don't need anymore. i think we are hoarders?! i like to save a lot of things that can be used for "art" and bo is an avid collector of anything vintage aka dumpster diving. we have accumulated a lot of things since moving up north 4 years ago. most of it we have not used, just saving for some special day (?). time to throw away. it's my fault for always moving to a bigger house, having room to bring home more stuff. good thing we don't have a garage; if we did it would totally look like my mother-in-law's.

time to go hang out on the couch with the sickie....