Tuesday, December 21, 2010


now that it is winter, it is time to stay indoors and avoid all the nasty germs out there. i have heard a lot of people getting stomach viruses, even overseas. it's definitely going around! so here i am today, researching preschool curriculum, in hopes of getting orion prepared for preschool.

today, he read a new word: FOX. i thought it was the coolest thing ever! he knows how to spell TEN and RED, but today he actually read the word FOX without a picture. i suppose the first words he read was YES and NO (phone app haha).

maybe we will try preschool next year. for now, we are just doing some homeschooling and he looooooooves worksheets. we can do those all day! bo and i are discussing public versus private school. it's just a preliminary thought, so who knows. it is crazy expensive. if anyone has advice on this subject, please feel free to pass on some info!

update on nutrition: we have seen the dietician twice. with a month in between the visits, he did not gain a single ounce :( so we are trying a supplement called duocal. it is a protein-free powder that you can mix into drinks/food. i add roughly 50 calories per drink 3x a day, so that's a good 150 extra. awesome. bo thinks he's fatter already and he seems to be getting heavier (we need a scale at home!).

we finally mailed our christmas cards out! first time i made it before christmas!! i didn't order enough, so i saved them for family, doctors, and for those who asked. i will know to order more next year!

happy holidays to everyone!