Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Job, Mini Vacation, Dr Appts, Camp, Did I Miss Anything? (pictures to come)

bo is now working here! sweet job!!!

before he started his first day there, we took a short vacation down the coast. since orion is not supposed to fly on a plane without oxygen (and it takes about 4 weeks to process an order for a supply) we decided on going to the monterey bay aquarium (he's been really into jellies). we planned on going to big sur for some hiking but the little mister fell asleep so we just did a drive-thru. we stopped in carmel-by-the-sea for dinner and a stroll through town. the next day we spent most of it at the aquarium, then on the way home, we stopped in santa cruz so i could go to harts fabrics. got some cool fabric for bo to work on a couple of chairs.

we headed home because orion had a dr. appt with his pediatrician. after reviewing his weight chart, we all came to the conclusion that at his rate of weight gain, it would take about 1.5 years to get to the minimum weight of 35-40 pounds (to be a candidate for his pulmonary valve repair via cath). sooooo we are really pushing the calories so he can hopefully get to 35 pounds in one year. it was pretty discouraging, especially after he lost one full pound because he was sick for two weeks. i'm really on the hunt for high-calorie recipes (that are healthy too). FYI he weighs 27 pounds right now.

we then had plans to spend the rest of the week off in san francisco, but i brought home a cold, then passed it on to orion. so we stayed home and bo took good care of us.

then we headed to camp! definitely a fun time for all three of us, and we hope to go again next year. click the photo below to see all the camp photos.

now we are home, healthy, and just getting back into our routine of things.

when i collect all the photos, i will (hopefully) post. bo took some really awesome pics at the aquarium!

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