Friday, August 13, 2010

heart update

i know it's been a while since i've posted any updates. things have been busy (aren't they always?!). we had a couple of trips down to socal for some great family fun, including Anson and Lisa's wedding which was gorgeous! and just a couple of weeks after that we headed to the hollywood bowl with the newlyweds and kids in tow to see the bird and the bee and she & him. it was an awesome day for some family time outdoors.

we finally got an update on the conference with the cardiac team on orion's case. they want to wait until orion is bigger (35-40 pounds) so they can implant a new pulmonary valve for him via cardiac cath instead of open heart surgery. there is always the possibility that he would need the valve replaced before he reaches the minimum weight to become a candidate, so if it were an emergency, he would have the traditional through-the-chest surgery. i seriously need to fatten this kid up!!! it would be amazing to have all the repairs done through a cath, the recovery is so much easier and there are so many less risks. i have to go through my high fat/high calorie list of foods again....

on another note, orion has recently been doing a lot of hospital pretend play. i'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but maybe this is his way of dealing with his fear. he has been talking about his echos (getting stickers put on, "glue" which is the ultrasound gel, then getting to watch a movie and having a lollipop). he's also been acting out blood draws on himself by putting on gloves, checking his veins (!) and then making the blood go up through a needle. and just the last few days, he has been preparing his meds, using markers as syringes and even using tiny pieces of toys to act as his aspirin pill. crazy??? i know we have been spending more time at the hospital the last few months, so it's probably fresher in his mind. it would be really nice to have his next surgery be a cath so it's not so traumatizing for him.

other than that, we have just been trying to settle into our new house. i probably spend too much time trying to organize repeatly, bo can never find anything haha. we have a nice long driveway to fit all our cars and a front yard area for orion to play basketball and ride his bike around. our house is enclosed by a tall fence, so it's nice to let orion play outside without the worry of going into the street (which is a major road). we also have mature fruit trees including loquats and lemons. there is a HUGE blackberry bush which are so amazingly sweet.

bo has his own office at home (phew!). so great to keep all of his things in his own room :) i am finally settled on the layout of orion's room (we must have moved things around several times already) so the next step is to paint and decorate. we have a nice large kitchen with zero counter space. everything is so old, i.e. meant for tiny people. we have a double oven but my baking sheets don't even fit in there! not a whole lot of cupboard space so we have things out all the time. no dishwasher, i wash dishes ALL DAY LONG. it never ends.

BUT we love our house. orion loves it. so much is near us within walking distance. we walk to the park nearly everyday, and when orion starts grade school, it's only a couple blocks away (not to mention the middle school and high school is on our street). i wouldn't mind living here forever :)