Wednesday, April 07, 2010

orion won't stop growing!

he is getting so tall. i just bought some new clothes for him because he is finally outgrowing his 3Ts! he's filling into his size 6 converses now, so i bought a couple new pairs of shoes to wear when he can't fit into his red cons anymore. i also bought a 4T hoodie and a couple 5T jackets. his current clothes are getting short on him, though the rest of him fit fine in it. he's growing!! we are so happy. last weight check he was at 25 lbs and something oz. the oz seem to fluctuate since he's been going through sickness spats, but overall at a good weight and almost making it on the charts!

he is still eating pretty good. though he is not a breakfast person, he is getting some good meals in him like brown rice, pastas, chicken, pork, tofu, and soups. he is definitely a fruit guy and goes through boxes of blueberries per sitting. i've just recently started buying the giant $10 box of berries just to make it through a few days! he is also trying new vegetables. he typically only eats it if it's all mixed up in soup, but lately he's been adventurous enough to try raw carrot sticks. he loves picking out vegetables at the market but isn't ready to try them when we get home. at least he is semi-interested :)

lately it's been really tough getting him to sit at the table and just have a meal! since he stopped sitting in a high chair about a year ago, he just runs all over the place and i'm following him around with a bowl and spoon trying to feed him. after months of this, it's really tiring and annoying to chase him around (though i am happy to see his little legs working and being so active)! but seriously, i can't really complain about anything, orion has been growing so well and learning so many new things and physically doing amazing. it's exactly what we like to see!

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