Monday, April 26, 2010

memory lane

orion and i went to packard the other day to pick up his meds. i go about once a month, but the last 6 months or so, visitors under age 16 have not been allowed in (due to swine flu). we usually just go in, grab our stuff, then head out. since they have lifted that rule, we were able to go check out the train, one of orion's favorite things to see there.

a lot of memories came back to me that day. i have walked those halls so many times in my pajamas and socks with backback in tow of a change of clothes and toiletries to get showered/dressed in the parents' lounge. or sitting outside in front of the water fountain in the garden just to get a breath of fresh air or to cry by myself. time is going by so fast and i know we will be doing this again in no time.

in march of 2008, we were told orion's artificial valve will last 5-10 years. two years have already gone by, so now we are down to 3-8 years. i can't imagine him being a big kid and going through surgery. i wonder what the technology will be like then.

orion has an echo in a few weeks. we always pray things have been unchanged. when we look at him now, we don't see any "problems". he still gets winded easily (about 30 minutes of active play) and when he is sick or cold, his face turns a little bluer. we haven't experienced anything serious like we did when he was an infant. these days, he is pretty much living the life of a typical preschooler :)

speaking of typical preschooler! i signed him up for a gymnastics class, thinking he would be ok by now. flu season is over, hopefully he will get something good out of a physical class. well, he got a cold from it! 30 minutes of being in an indoor gym and he's been sick for almost a week. he was doing pretty good the last few weeks being illness-free, but i guess he is just not ready for indoor group activities. we missed a trip to socal for a wedding since orion was sick, and we are also missing his second class of gymnastics. his pediatrician's gonna kill me :) she suggested i sign him up for an art or music class in the summer, i guess i did this too soon.

this also makes me question if he will be ready for preschool. WHO KNOWS. i wonder if i should just try it anyway? he has got to get his little body ready to tackle all the illnesses that will be in regular school right? i guess this is why a lot of parents homeschool their heart babies.

does anyone out there have suggestions on preparing their special needs kids for school???

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