Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heart Homies

This is a repost from Moriah's blog. Reading it brought back a lot of feelings of fear, hope, and love.

Recently, we've had several of our heart friends going through some trials or those who will be facing them soon (i.e. upcoming surgeries). I thought I would share who they are so that you could love on them, pray, and/or support them in any way you like...just as you have done for us. "Blog world" is such a special community, being a place where we can all come together and rally behind one another.

Reagan Williams - will be having major open heart surgery

Miracle Mason - just had a heart transplant but is now facing complications

Callie Carver - just had a major open heart surgery and is in recovery

Owen Simmons - will be listed for a heart transplant
Owen's Button

Callie Stapp - will be having major open heart surgery

All these families (with the exception of Mason because he was there after us) are those who we spent time with at LPCH and the Ronald McDonald House. Each of these children have flown or driven with their families from across the country just to be at LPCH. They are away from family and friends, and the comfort of being close to home. We are praying for their strength, peace, and comfort as well as guidance and wisdom for their nurses and doctors in the CVICU...

Please feel free to list any more children in the comment section who might be in need of prayer and support right now too.
Lots of love,
the Nelsons

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