Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the best yet the worst

i'm talking about where we live. our apt complex is made up of five separate buildings. i like our building the best because it is very small and has a nice large courtyard that makes you feel like you're living in a home with a front yard. it doesn't feel like a dorm hall and the majority of people that live in this building are families with young kids or working professionals (i.e. no noisy students!).

our building is the worst because its foundation is literally rotten. i've seen it. the wood is BLACK. mold. nasty. they started construction last year to investigate. they took out pieces of the wall to test materials. that itself was already noisy, messy, but bearable.

last month, we got a letter posted on our front door stating construction will begin in april and will last until august. residents will NOT have access to our building monday through friday, 830-430pm. it also states if we are staying home due to a medical condition and must exit our home at some point in the day, we would have to call the leasing office to schedule an appointment so a safe pathway can be made.

are you kidding me???!!!???!!!

it is so obvious that if it is so unsafe to be home during construction, they should not even be doing construction in the first place while there are tenants! there is really no option to move to another building since all the units are occupied, and with the price we are paying, it is not worth looking at moving since it is so expensive out there.

at the same time, it could be jeopardizing our health. think of all the dust, chemicals, toxins that will be airborne. obviously, if we stay home, i will be keeping all the windows shut, but that doesn't mean it will not enter our home. also consider the noise! how could orion ever nap? if we were to leave for the day, we'd have to leave before 830 and not come home until 430. where is he supposed to nap? am i supposed to pack breakfast, lunch, snacks, medicine, change of clothes, etc etc etc etc?

construction begins this monday. orion's gymnastics class also begins monday at 1030. bo's mom is coming that sunday before. monday is going to be an interesting day of wandering around town!

if the construction seems unbearable, we will consider moving. we had already started looking at renting a house after we received this letter, but we wanted to wait it out and see how bad this construction will be. let's hope it isn't miserable and orion and i will survive being stuck at home for the whole summer! i suppose i can look at this way: i can potty train him knowing we won't be going anywhere :)

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