Monday, March 22, 2010

sick going on 8 months now...

for both bo and orion. since july 2009, they have both been hit with a slew of colds/flus, viruses, etc. i get sick in between, but nothing compared to when they get sick.

right now, orion is mostly over his cold. he's had this cough for weeks now, but the runny nose has stopped and he's in good spirits. bo on the other hand has had pneumonia for the past week, and now it seems it turned into the flu or maybe these flu symptoms are part of pneumonia. either way, his lupus seems worse which i'm sure affects how his body is fighting this infection. he spent the entire last week at home resting and semi-working, but for the most part slept through it. today was his first day back to the office, and he said he felt fine the whole day until he came home. severe coughing probably still congested. i just might take him to the dr again tomorrow.

we did have plans on going down to socal this weekend since it is gaia's first birthday and bo's dad's 65th birthday. we already decided we are going to stay home so bo's health doesn't get worse.

aside from bo, orion is really doing wonderfully. with the warmer weather, we've been able to play outside more, enjoying parks and just even hanging out in our courtyard. orion climbed a ladder at the park by himself which was a HUGE DEAL.

we also got him a little "skateboard" scooter which he was also great on alone. he's becoming more adventurous, woohoo!

i am touring preschools again, so far have not found the perfect place. if we were to enroll him, he would start this fall and would also have to be potty-trained by then (working on it!). we've gotten into a routine where i will give him his meds, he'll take a bath, then after the bath, sit on his potty and he will do his peepee business. it's been a few days in a row, and he now knows he's supposed to go sit down and pee! yes, very exciting news :) i'm now trying to add in another pee session in the morning, but he just hates it when i ask him. one step at a time....

we got orion his first fish last weekend, but poor sprinkles already died within a few days :( so sensitive to water!! i have to get the water tested and see. we may try a betta fish.


daddy helping out on the tricycle

skateboard break


chalk fun with johanna

i look gooooood!

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