Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tantrums continue

orion's starting to come down from his meltdown as i type this. big fight to sit down and eat his lunch, he gave himself timeouts three times then finally promised to eat, only to come back to the table and want to go back down and play. i sent him to his room to nap (that is my usual tactic, no eat=no play=nap). he insisted on sleeping in our room (which he already did his timeouts in there) so it was yet another fight to go in his room. i'd say it's been almost an hour now!?

(and yes it's starting again!)

today is going to be an awesome day....

other than orion, i finally went grocery shopping today. it's been about a month since my mom came and did the shopping, then bo's mom came and did the shopping. we went to trader joes and they have all sorts of new products! lots of turkey variations of popular items like hot dogs and bacon. they did not have any ABC pastas in stock today, so orion picked out some colorful organic pastas :) he was also very sad the cashier did not give him any stickers. maybe that's why he's so miserable today....haha

as for the rest of our day...i think there will be a lot of cleaning (to de-stress myself!).

bo is doing much much better. he actually drove himself to his office today as a test run to see if he can make it through the day on his own. nice place to test himself out since he has help from his office mate and it's not his "day job" office which he plans to return to next week. the only thing i've really been helping him with the last few days is reminding him to sleep and rest and take the baths he needs to take so he can heal. i'm glad he can dress himself now, but i still have to help him put his socks on. i told him it's like he's pregnant now haha

orion is still crying. maybe if i take a nap i won't hear him anymore ;)

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