Friday, January 22, 2010

it's been so long...

i think this is the longest i've gone without blogging. probably because most updates are posted on FB but that doesn't mean i should stop the aye team blog!!!

let's see, well the last place i left off was when orion came home after his cath (way back in august 09!). the last post doesn't count because that was just bo adding new songs to our playlist - even though he said he would post "later that day" hahaha.

in september, orion started school at a parent-participation preschool. it was a two-day per week program and i would participate in the classroom one of the days as well as attend night classes. after being there for a week, orion got sick from all the other snotty kids which kept him home for a week or so. he continued back at school only to catch another cold, missing school again, then returning into the classroom to catch the swine flu. after having the misery of dealing with that flu, multiple visits to his pediatrician and hospital, plus giving it to both me and bo, school was done. i pulled him out of the program, only to learn that some of the parents who were on the board were begging me to keep orion in school because he "needs" it. after their attempt to make him stay, it made me realize they were not understanding at all of orion's health and the importance of keeping him well. i don't plan on trying that school again next year.

so we spent september and october sick with the flu, then came thanksgiving and christmas which we celebrated in socal. bo had to work part of that christmas trip, so orion and i used that time to see all his aunties, AKA mommy's friends :)

now it is the new year, and it has started out rough with bo getting sick. he had an emergency surgery done immediately following a trip to ER because of so much pain. this was over the holiday weekend, so now he is home and recovering very well.

i always knew 2010 would be a poor year for bo's health. it's in his cards. really, it is. according to his "schedule" he has been hospitalized every four years: 1998, 2002, 2006, and now it's 2010. it always happens in the summer time, so i have been prepping ourselves for good health. i hope it just happened to come early this year and the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.

i should probably post some pics at some point, especially of orion's first disneyland trip right before christmas and being able to hang out with the croatian family :)

sianara for now, i will try to keep our blog updated regularly!

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