Sunday, January 24, 2010

grandma withdrawal

orion has been pretty cranky since bo's mom left. the last few weeks have been full of visitors. first my parents came, sung came right after. bo's mom arrived while sung was here, then everyone left. then bo had his surgery so his mom came again. now that she left yesterday, orion's showing his sadness by throwing tantrums, being feisty and rebellious, and pretty much being a brat! that means a lot of bribing is happening in this house :)

i am still trying to catch up on things, like our daily laundry and cooking. bo is getting better, except his incision seems to show redness. i've already called the surgeon and he said since he is already on antibiotics, there's no other route to go so as long as it doesn't get worse, bo is on the right track.

today is semone's 30th birthday (!!!) and we are so bummed we can't be with her to celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM NORCAL!!!

that just means my birthday is approaching in four days. i originally planned to spend the weekend in santa cruz - i found all the cafes i wanted to try and places to check out. i don't think bo will be up for travelling and walking around, so maybe we will do it another weekend. i honestly don't mind celebrating at home with just us! maybe i will be lazy and order in, watch a good movie and hang out with my boys. there's nothing better than that :)

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