Thursday, August 20, 2009

Orion's Cath & MRI today

Orion goes in for a cath AND MRI today. We been keeping it on the DL for really no apparent reason. I think we just didn't want to think about it until we had to, the anxiety is too much. It is almost a year since his last surgery, and thus they want to do a full work-up. The plan is to do two caths, one through his neck to check the Glenn, and one from his groin, to check his PValve. This will be his 8th cath and the first cath NOT done by Dr. Perry. :( I think that added to the anxiety that last day also (we just found out in his pre-op). But Dr. Peng comes form CH Boston, with a residency in John's Hopkins, so she must be good. We had a short taste of what the next week would be like, when Orion can home REALLY upset after his blood draw. Poor guys going to be even more upset after his cath, waking up all groggy and in a different place... off to the cath!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

oh you guys, we will keep orion in our prayers.
we have heard really GREAT things about Dr. Peng.
let us know how things go.
the nelsons