Thursday, August 20, 2009


We were able to leave at 630. The bleeding had stopped after an hour of sitting up and moving around. When it was time to go, he refused to get in the car! He even said yes to wanting to go back to the hospital!! We had to bribe him with wow wow wubbzy YouTube videos then he was good to go :)

We are so happy to be home and so proud of how well he did today. This
was probably the easiest, quickest stay ever, it's weird!!! But we appreciate it!

It is dinner time, we still need to figure out what to have! Will post some updates tomorrow :)

Not quite ready to go yet

There is still some bleeding, so we are going to wait and see if it
lessens. He's getting grumpier - the meds are wearing off, he's tired,
and wanting to be held (his leg has to stay straight). Hopefully the
bleeding will stop and we can go home today.

Looking good

He's doing great so far. Had a little bleeding at the site (groin) but
it's looking better. If things continue to go well, we can leave at 4!

They did not need to go through the neck. The reading they received
through the groin was enough.

We also saw our cardiologist and he said Orion can stop taking
sildenafil (Viagra). Orion will be happy about that!

Cheese! (and French fries)

Still pulling off picture face!

All done!

They just finished the cath. Everything went well. They are taking him
into the recovery room, and they asked us to continue waiting in the
waiting room to speak with dr. Peng. They are also going to see how he
does for the next four hours, if he's fine we can go home!!! Woohoo!
Hoping things go smoothly so he can relax at home. Yay! We miss our
little boy!!


I think I feel a lot better today. The last several days have been
full of worry, stress, and anxiety. Once we got to the hospital,
everything felt familiar again.

Orion got some "happy" medicine before getting carried off to the
room. He actually woke up at 4am ready to play! So after the med, he
was ready for a nap. We were so glad he conked out and had a good
memory of us before going in the room. I was able to place him on the
scanning bed and we watched them place the EKG and the gas mask.

That was at 8am. The MRI is up to 2 hours, then they take him straight
to the cath lab, which will be 2-4 hours. We will not be hearing from
anyone in between.

The cool new thing stanford didn't have before is a tracking board.
Each patient is assigned a number, and you can check the status of the
patient on the board (all computerized). This is great, we can watch
the progress that will show prep to OR to finishing to transport, etc.
What a great way to ease our minds :)

We are in the waiting room now. This is a brand new floor that we have
not seen. Super nice with flat screens, benches if you want to sit in
the garden, outlets for our computers and phones. But where did the
free coffee go? That's ok, I brought more than enough vinacafes to
hold us over :)

Bo is on his computer, and I brought my knitting and a book. Will post
updates as the day goes.

xoxo to all our family and friends. We couldn't do this without you.

Orion's Cath & MRI today

Orion goes in for a cath AND MRI today. We been keeping it on the DL for really no apparent reason. I think we just didn't want to think about it until we had to, the anxiety is too much. It is almost a year since his last surgery, and thus they want to do a full work-up. The plan is to do two caths, one through his neck to check the Glenn, and one from his groin, to check his PValve. This will be his 8th cath and the first cath NOT done by Dr. Perry. :( I think that added to the anxiety that last day also (we just found out in his pre-op). But Dr. Peng comes form CH Boston, with a residency in John's Hopkins, so she must be good. We had a short taste of what the next week would be like, when Orion can home REALLY upset after his blood draw. Poor guys going to be even more upset after his cath, waking up all groggy and in a different place... off to the cath!