Wednesday, June 24, 2009

going private

we decided to make our blog private. we post a lot of medical information here, personal pictures, orion is growing and getting older, and we are taking him out a lot more! we didn't want the whole world to know where we are at a given time. most recently, we had some random guy contact us because somewhere in our blog we posted our SF address, and he wanted to ask us about the unit before deciding to move in. weird?! i think so.

i added a new column on the right side called "upcoming events." there is waaaaay too much stuff to do around here, so i thought i'd keep a log of fun things we might be going to. you never know, we could have some crazy stalker, i know i have before, and i know friends who have too! crazies.


kenny said...

I think that it's a good idea to go private with the blog. That is totally creepy of that guy!

Tawny, Bo and Orion Aye said...

yup! strangers don't need to know our whereabouts or where orion's going to school!