Wednesday, June 24, 2009

daddy & me soccer

i signed orion up for his first sport!!!

he will start in july, and it is 8 sessions long, every saturday. each session is 30 minutes. i can't wait to see all the little kiddies running around in their uniforms kicking balls around :) it was under $100, i didn't think that was too bad. i got the confirmation email, stating that shin guards are required (seriously?! i hope these kids aren't going to get hurt!) and soccer cleats are recommended. these are little 2-year-olds! he's going to grow out of this equipment so fast.

and so it begins, the extra-curricular activities....

today's weight check

orion goes every month to get weighed at his pediatrician's office. in the last month, he gained more than 1.5 pounds, making him 23 pounds exactly! pediasure is like a child's version of miracle gro :) since he's doing so well, she changed his visits to be every two months. nice, one less thing to worry about!

tomorrow, we are going to see his neurologist for a follow-up. it's been about six months, i think, since coming off the keppra. let's hope for a short visit!!

going private

we decided to make our blog private. we post a lot of medical information here, personal pictures, orion is growing and getting older, and we are taking him out a lot more! we didn't want the whole world to know where we are at a given time. most recently, we had some random guy contact us because somewhere in our blog we posted our SF address, and he wanted to ask us about the unit before deciding to move in. weird?! i think so.

i added a new column on the right side called "upcoming events." there is waaaaay too much stuff to do around here, so i thought i'd keep a log of fun things we might be going to. you never know, we could have some crazy stalker, i know i have before, and i know friends who have too! crazies.

Monday, June 08, 2009

long-overdue update!

orion had his echo and ekg monday morning. boy was he good! he woke up early, ate a massive breakfast (very, VERY rare) and was happy the whole way there. he got a lollipop and stickers, and all is good!

everything looks the same, valves are still a bit leaky, but that is normal for him. his ekg was the same, nothing new to report. he did well during the clinic visit with his cardiologist (like usual), except he was a bit shy this time around?! maybe because we haven't been in a long time. we were always going about every month, then it became three months, and now it's six months! that is just crazy. i can't imagine not going to get him checked in six months. but, he is still scheduled to have a cath and MRI in august/september, which will mark one year after his last surgery, the bidirectional glenn.

we originally got a gift for our cardiologist's daughter since i knew her birthday was coming up. i didn't realize until last night that her birthday will be later in the year, in which we will be seeing the cardiologist again. so, we decided to keep the gift for orion!! haha :) i really wanted to get this for him, and the actual gift i was looking to get for the daughter i couldn't find in the store. so it all worked out. orion opened his present when we got home after the appointment. here's what he got!

he loves this thing! it's got everything he is obsessed with right now: circles, numbers, and shapes. strangers are amazed by his interest in counting and the alphabet - c'mon now, he's a kid and is ready to absorb anything that comes his way!

on another note, moriah is STILL in the hospital, poor girl. we don't visit much since orion still gets traumatized from going to the hospital, even for a visit. the night of his echo, he had a lot of nightmares, whimpering in his sleep and he would say "ow" a lot. it was really sad! all in his sleep. we are still praying for moriah to get better (plus all the other babies and kids in this world!).

oh, i forgot to mention! we asked our cardiologist about travelling overseas. orion should be ok to travel to europe! we want to visit my sister and her family, so maybe we will try going next year. for now though, we will stick with california, and might try going to yosemite. but first, we will check out another local place for elevation to see how orion does. last time we drove down to la, we went through some high point, can't remember which, and he turned blue for a good 15-20 minutes.

he's also being brought down on his lasix. he usually takes 1ml three times a day. now, we are trying out his middle dose at 0.5ml and keeping the other doses the same. hopefully he will be ok with this gradual change.

i am prepping the house for a visit from anson and vincent next week. i hope they are able to make it! vincent's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow, i can't believe it!!!!! i got him a little surprise gift :) then we'll be driving down to la sometime this month. woohoo!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New songs uploaded... Tawny's necklace and more...

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls
Metric - Help, I'm Alive
Phoenix - Lisztomania

Some Oldies but Goodies:
The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Weezer - Buddy Holly...

Buddy Holly:

Bo's new glasses:

Mary Tyler Moore's hair:

Tawny's hair:

A close up of tawny's mother's day necklace: