Saturday, May 23, 2009

what's up with oreo's new branding?

i was at target and came across these:

my first thought was that it was target's version of oreo? but then it says the brand-name oreo! i do not like this new re-branding AT ALL! it looks generic, like they are trying to be this hip, modern cookie, when really, all we want is the classic oreo. this logo is not going to last. it's more of a trendy look than a long-lasting impression kind of look.

do-over please!


kenny said...

Dude so many different companies have been doing rebranding. I don't like Pepsi/mountain dew's new branding -; and have you seen Tropicana???
It's like Albertson's generic drug line - Equaline ( Terrible!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Ritz packaging at Target? Same thing. But I'm pretty sure it's restricted to Target, because if you look at Oreo's website, the original logo is there.

Maybe Nabisco has some weird deal with Target.