Friday, May 08, 2009

random miscellaneous stuff

ok, this post doesn't really have much to do with orion's health or anything aye team for that matter. it's probably just rambling that i thought i'd share :)

i hardly shop at safeway (for those not in the bay area, safeway is the same as vons). anyway, i only go there to use our WIC vouchers that orion receives, and i don't really like shopping there because their stuff is way overpriced. the sucky part is, there's a safeway on every corner so it is SO convenient (like right across the street). when i don't feel like trekking to trader joe's (which isn't even that far either), but you have to realize i'm bringing orion with me which is already a feat in itself, i will go to safeway.

when i shop there, i get easily distracted because there's too much stuff to look at. i'm used to TJs where pretty much everything is its own label and you won't really find commercial items. so when i'm at safeway, i find weird, random things like:

tempting right? especially when i know bo would absolutely LOVE this!!! but i wasn't about to spend $6 or whatever it cost. i figured a picture will suffice.

moving on to the cereal aisle, i was trying to find something "healthy" yet bright and cheery enough to grab orion's interest. the best thing i could find was lucky charms?! seriously?? every single box of cereal's main ingredient was sugar. i remember long ago my nutrition teacher said labels will put ingredients in order of amount. so the first few ingredients listed makes up the majority of the product. i think lucky charms listed sugar as third. whoopee.

finally i spotted this:
eating right kids fruity ringlets. ding ding ding! eating right is a division of safeway products, and this cereal was colorful and happy, plus it is naturally sweetened with sugar cane. i traded in the lucky charms for this stuff. orion digs it.

okay, on to produce. wow, is this store expensive. now i'm comparing safeway produce to asian market produce. you can find a head of lettuce at the asian market for 50 cents. safeway charges nearly $2. i think i need to find a middle ground and shop at a local farmers market because frankly, i don't want to drive 30 minutes to san jose to save some change. which reminds me, starting next month, WIC is offering farmers market vouchers! i'm supposed to remember to ask for them.

i think that's my rant on grocery shopping (the worries i have from day to day haha).

i got a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday!

my favorite is the little drawing of vincent and orion building legos :) made my day!!!

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