Wednesday, April 22, 2009

spring time!

we've been living in our new place now for over a month and slowly decorating and getting it to be homey. orion's room is pretty much set (aside from needing the walls painted and putting up some artwork). we have our living room situated with all the right furniture and took a day out of the week to paint one wall teal. orion is still loving all the space, being able to run around and bounce balls off the walls :)

our last visit to the pediatrician, orion gained 7 oz. it was decided to have him drink pediasure (which he loves!) and since then, he seems noticeably heavier! his cheeks are fuller, so i really hope it's working.

the weather here has been insanely hot! 95-degree weather calls for pool time, and man oh man, did orion love swimming. it was the second time being in the pool (the first time, he was a tiny baby at ali's house). we didn't know he would like it so much! so that night, we went out to target and bought him a floatie. it's been too hot to go outside, but today seems to be a nice pool day so maybe we'll make it out after he wakes up from his nap.

easter was a fun, relaxing day. we did an easter egg hunt outside in the courtyard, eggs filled with chocolates, gummies, hot wheels, and bouncy balls. we had a picnic lunch outside and then ended our day with coloring eggs. bo has never colored eggs before, and this was finally the first year since orion was born that we have actually been home and out of the hospital for easter! we all had a very nice, and messy, time.

our next heart babies meeting is this weekend at kathy's house. fun fun fun! we've got art projects lined up for the kids plus bbqing for lunch. i hope we get to meet some new families, the same families tend to show up at these things. i changed the meetings to be monthly instead of seasonally to allow more families the option to come out and visit. hopefully it works out for everyone!

we all seem to be pretty busy with AMG work stuff, spending too much time on FB, and just doing day-to-day work at home that we are not blogging enough. hopefully i will stop procrastinating, finally get pictures off my camera (really, these are pictures from before christmas!) and keep everyone in the loop with the aye team!


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