Thursday, March 05, 2009

orion's development

we went to the child development center earlier this week, and he is doing great so far, except for his speech. though i don't see any problems, the doctor was concerned that orion does not pronounce the end of the words. for example:


and so on.

gimme a break!!! he's TWO! just learning to speak, i would think this is normal? he used to say "ah" for "on" but now he pronounces it all and says ON. i think it just takes him a while to learn and practice the entire word, but i still told his early start specialist. she says it pretty normal, as long as he is combining words and has a minimum of words in his vocabulary (we estimated about 50+ words). she said she would make a note of it in case the doctors thought it was a concern too.

anyway, he has an appt with a speech therapist next month. yet another appt....


Diana S said...

post pics of your new place! can't wait to visit :)

did you tell the doctor that orion is actually a genius, even if he can't pronounce entire words yet? i mean, he figured out how to upload pics on an iphone and can play the guitar!

Tawny, Bo and Orion Aye said...

diana, you should come to the appts with us and tell them what's up!