Friday, March 13, 2009


my sister's dear cat mindy passed away this morning. she came home to us when i was only in 7th grade, making mindy 17 years old. she was a funny one, she loved to sleep in shoe boxes and torment orion. it was her time, and she will be missed. alice gave her a great life.

"failure to thrive"

"failure to thrive" - that is what orion's pediatrician noted when she did his 2-year wellness exam. he has pretty much been the same weight since last fall, only because he spent a lot of the winter sick. even though he gained one full pound in the last three weeks, he is way off his own weight curve now, something he has been steadily following since he was born. he is already in the negative percentile on the weight chart, and now it's even harder that he's not even following his own curve anymore. he weighed in at 20 lbs 5 oz yesterday.

our last visit to the pediatrician, she recommended giving him a little "splash" of half and half in his cup of milk everyday. well, now that "splash" has turned into 1/4 of his cup, but i just pour in about half anyway. i need him to bulk up!!! i still put butter and oil all over his foods. he doesn't have trouble eating, just trouble retaining the weight. he's been eating great these last few weeks, hence gaining the pound, so hopefully he can continue this route so he can chunk up.

for now we continue his usual butter and oil and half and half routine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

most amazing apple tart ever

rarely do i like tarts for a dessert. really, the only dessert tart i like is the fruit tart, and it's gotta be from a vietnamese bakery. so when tina came over with an apple tart from bouchon bakery, i politely said, "okay, thanks." little did i know how DELICIOUS it would be! i was blown away. YUM. i have a new love for tarts!

fun pics

super thirsty!

being silly

fun with dad in the courtyard

waiting for sesame street to begin


orion was able to fit into this fall's enrollment of preschool! yay! i spent quite some time researching neighboring schools, something that would be a good fit for him. after narrowing it down to parent-participation schools, we toured three schools. we liked all three, but we chose our favorite and just hoped for the best. i actually registered early at the school we did want because we thought we'd be gone on vacation during the open house. if i didn't register early, the class would have been full, so i am so thankful we made it in! he will begin in september, and class will be 2.5 hours a day, twice a week. i will be able to attend the class once a week, who knows what i will do the other day of class?! probably sit in the parking lot and wait :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

orion's development

we went to the child development center earlier this week, and he is doing great so far, except for his speech. though i don't see any problems, the doctor was concerned that orion does not pronounce the end of the words. for example:


and so on.

gimme a break!!! he's TWO! just learning to speak, i would think this is normal? he used to say "ah" for "on" but now he pronounces it all and says ON. i think it just takes him a while to learn and practice the entire word, but i still told his early start specialist. she says it pretty normal, as long as he is combining words and has a minimum of words in his vocabulary (we estimated about 50+ words). she said she would make a note of it in case the doctors thought it was a concern too.

anyway, he has an appt with a speech therapist next month. yet another appt....

living the irvine style, without the irvine

as most of you know, we just moved (again). this time, i REALLY promise not to look for another apartment - for at least a few years :) we are still getting settled in, but orion warmed up to the new adjustment quickly. more space to run around in, and his bedroom has a lot of room to fit all his toys in! most of the apartment is still a mess, so i will take pictures once it looks a bit more orderly.

i really like living in an irvine apartment community again. even better, we don't have to live in pretentious irvine! plus, we have awesome neighbors!!! we like being within walking distance to ryan and verike's and mitch and diane's. it's a hop, skip, and a jump. thanks to EVERYONE that helped up move, we couldn't have done it without you guys!!