Wednesday, February 11, 2009


we've decided orion must be teething. the fever he had only lasted the night, and he has been very drooly the last few weeks. after his echo and seeing that his heart is essentially unchanged, we knew he wasn't sick with anything. so.....we are just bearing it with his neverending whining, crying, and complaining.

he still has two leaky valves - one is his tricuspid valve and the other is his artificial valve. i didn't really ask what the negative impact is with this leaking, but it's very minimal so i left it at that. they are keeping an eye on those two valves, and our next echo appt is in may. then in september, he will have another heart cath. that will mark one year since his last surgery! though september sounds far away, it doesn't feel like it to me. i really don't like when orion has these procedures done as an outpatient because they send him home immediately afterwards. isn't that crazy? they put him under, do the cath (which is usually about 2-4 hours), they bring him back to day surgery to recover, and then we can take him home as long as there isn't any bleeding. it's just awfully weird to go home right away because he is so loopy and out of it. from our last experience, it took nearly two weeks for his body to become normal again and get the anesthesia out of his body. his usual symptoms are a lot of crying, clinginess, no eating, no sleeping, etc, so as you can see it's kind of tough. but i'm sure he (and us too) would rather be at home than in the hospital!!

other than that, everything seems to be on track at home. i think orion has been having more trouble sleeping since our appt. he tends to be traumatized and i wouldn't be surprised if he has been having nightmares about the visit. hopefully this will all pass soon.

bo is still busy with work as usual, which is great during this crazy economic time. we are working on moving, once that is finalized, i will post more details. we plan on going to la next week so bo can have a track day with anson and the subaru group and also have a family birthday party. we are also having our taxes done down there.

not much else to report. our appts have definitely gone down now that orion doesn't receive physical and occupational therapy anymore. though we absolutely loved taking him to the school for these therapies, we know he doesn't need it and is doing just fine. it's almost weird not to have any appts, i never know what day it is now! he is still receiving early start services, and we finally got started with a new teacher because our last one was crap. after our initial visit, she says he will probably not qualify anymore because he seems to be way ahead for his age. so nice to hear!!! i HATE having other assessments done where they tell me he is so behind, delayed, etc etc and make me feel like a bad parent because i'm not doing enough. those are the assessments done in a clinical office with staff in white coats and not friendly at all. of course kids aren't going to do anything for you! anyway, i am blabbering. we are happy to see orion is developing on schedule and doing great. yay!

i am on my second load of laundry and now it's time for dishes and cooking :)

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