Wednesday, February 18, 2009

super sick and then some

the last few days have been very rough for orion. he had a fever, the highest being 102.5. his medical team has always advised us to call the hospital if it was ever 101 or higher. right away, i gave him tylenol and tried wiping his body down with warm washcloths. after no success, i called my mom and she suggested using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. that did the trick! aren't moms amazing?! his fever dropped to 100.5 and stayed around there for the rest of the day.

the next morning, we took him to the pediatrician's office, and though our ped was out that day, we saw another doctor in the office. after checking his lungs and ears and seeing there was no congestion anywhere, we were sent back home. his fever never came back, but his cough got way worse. last night, he was coughing nonstop all night. the poor guy did not sleep at all, and neither did we. we went back to see our pediatrician this morning, and she said his cough was sounding more like he swallowed something he shouldn't have. she sent us to the hospital to go get xrays, but they did not find anything that would be blocking his airways.

orion was able to get some sleep today, but he has not eaten anything at all. he just drinks water or apple juice, and if he does eat, all he wants is kix (hey, that's better than nothing).

so we are going back to our pediatrician again tomorrow so she can see if he's gotten better or not. if it's still the same, then we are off to see an ear, nose, throat doctor, in which they can look in his throat with a camera. i think his cough is sounding more wet though, and his nose is back to runny again, so maybe this cold got a second wind :( either way, orion is miserable.

on a last note, i fed him rocky road ice cream yesterday afternoon, a few hours before this nonstop coughing started. i usually avoid the nuts when feeding him, but one snuck in his mouth, and i watched him chew it. i figured he was fine if he could chew and swallow. now, i realize that maybe a small little piece could be stuck in his throat which is causing him to cough. sigh....i am so mad at myself!!!! i feel like i have caused him all this misery. let's hope tomorrow will be better and we will figure out what's going on with orion.

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Mami Adame said...

Sure hope he is feeling better...where are the birthday pics?? Maybe I should check FB!