Thursday, February 12, 2009

orion IS sick!!!

he was sneezing all day yesterday and woke up with a runny nose today. the last couple of days he was scratching and pulling at his ears, so we went to the doctor today to get it checked (plus get his synagis shot!). it's just a cold, and his ears are congested, but no fluid so no infection. thank goodness! hopefully he will be in good spirits and the cold will not get worse.

we have early start tomorrow afternoon and then we are headed out to a far away place to pick up a dining table with chairs that i found on craigslist. our poor dining table has been beaten with teeny spoons and forks, so i opted for a plastic-like table top that also has rounded corners. no more head-bumping! the new table is kinda funky old school, something you'd probably find in your parents' home, maybe even your grandparents. haha. i guess we are becoming more retro-vintagey and less IKEA these days. boy, we are getting old!!!

well, i am headed to bed because the monster just fell asleep (yup, at 11pm). what are we going to do with this kid?!

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