Monday, February 09, 2009


orion is sick with a fever. he woke up this morning at 1am not feeling well. this is explaining a lot! he hasn't been himself all week, and starting thursday, you can see blueness in his lips and face. other than that, personality wise he still seems the same. we have an echo monday morning, so we did not take him to the doctor right away. we figured we would find out why he was turning blue when we saw his cardiologist. this reminds me of about 6 months ago, when he just out of nowhere, turned very blue - his lips, face, hands and feet. the next day he was diagnosed with roseola. so we know this must be a virus that he has, and hopefully it is not heart related.

the echo is in the morning at 8am, so we will post updates! we have been pretty nervous about it since his last echo was in october. hopefully there are no changes and that this blueness is due to a virus!!! darn, we try so hard to keep our home and ourselves germ-free, but i suppose it's not 100%.

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