Saturday, February 14, 2009

cold getting worse

orion is now coughing a ton, sneezing through the day, but his runny nose is mostly gone. i am also guessing he has a sore throat because he keeps rubbing his neck, and he is still grabbing at his ears. he had trouble falling asleep from all the coughing, and then he even threw up! i don't know what that's about. i'm sure if it continues, we'll be back at the doctor's on monday.

i woke up sick this morning, mostly feeling like my whole body was achy and i am coughing again. i slept in while bo played with orion, but now bo is sick!!! vicious cycle in this house. we should have worn our masks!!!! oh well.

sunday is LPCH's heart party that they have every year. all the cardiac patients and their families are invited to the park for a potluck party and lots of games and activities for the kids. we missed it last year because we were in orange county to celebrate orion's first birthday. hopefully we will be well enough to attend tomorrow!

we got a couple of videos of orion today. i will ask bo to post them later.


Nik said...

sorry to hear orion is so sick. jude has all the same symptoms as orion. he throws up all the time from coughing, even when he is'nt "sick." he has a bit of blood in his throw up this morning, soooooooooo, we are going to call our er nurse friend and see if we should take him to the er or wait till tomorrow and take him to his dr. he's been sick for the last 4 days. argh. i know for orion, it's a much bigger deal and it must stress you guys out. hope he's feeling better real soon. so, to answer your question regarding our valentine's day, the above was our weekend!

Verike & Ryan said...

Hope you ALL feel better soon!!! We'll miss doing a lunch tomorrow, but with the weather, I doubt anyone wants to leave the house anyway. We'll do something soon though and in 2 weeks you'll be our neighbors anyway - hehe.