Thursday, January 29, 2009

talking up a storm!

this kid doesn't stop! it seems since we got back from OC he has been picking up words quickly, mimicking sounds, and using them in context with coinciding objects. like right now, his favorite words are "door," "bubbles," "more,""please," he probably says those the most. i have a long list of his spoken words i have kept track of, i will post the list at some point.

overall, he is still spunky as ever! his desire for independence is getting stronger, so we offer him a lot of choices. for example, instead of saying, "do you want to eat lunch?" i will ask, "would you like noodles or a hot dog?" it makes kids feel great to be making their own choice :) he's also learned to say "no." before, it was just for fun, but now he knows what it means and uses it all the time! at least he is not yelling it to me...yet!

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Nik said...

jude gets choices all day. he gets choices about 5 times within the first 10 minutes of waking up. we have done this since he was baby. it works tawny! we don't have a lot of the power struggles i hear other parents complain about. i love reading updates on orion! he's so sweet!