Thursday, January 29, 2009

one of my least favorite things

orion is just so quick and smart. one of my least favorite things he can do is use our phones. just last night, he woke up at 4am, found my phone, unlocked it, scrolled through the icons to get to a bubble game i downloaded, and he started playing away. argh! it is so frustrating because when he wants something, he has to have it! i had to take it away, he threw his fit for a while, then finally fell asleep. i think i need to start hiding my phone when he's awake from now on.

maybe that's why it died on me! orion's been messing with it!!!


Verike & Ryan said...

Oh no - hope he feels better soon!!!

Verike & Ryan said...

K not sure why the blog posted that's supposed to be on the one where you said Orion has a fever :(