Friday, January 02, 2009

merry christmas, happy new year, and more!

we are still in orange county with grandma aye :) things are quite busy, so i haven't had much time (or energy!) to blog. bo and i usually get some good quality time in when we come down here. bo's mom is a great babysitter to orion. this time though, we had so much stuff going on, plus a lot of people in the house are sick, so that means i have been watching orion for most of the day. bo is always busy with work.

let's! we usually do christmas eve at anson's house, then christmas day is spent at the aye house. i can't really remember why we didn't do that this year, but anson still came over on christmas day. we decided to do a thanksgiving dinner since everyone missed thanksgiving this year. anson made the turkey and i made most of the sides with help from others, and semone made her awesome cornbread and dessert (blueberry streusel!). we opened presents in the morning. there were like a gazillion presents! we opened in order of age, but after a couple of rounds, everyone was just opening them all at the same time. we also wrote up christmas lists this year so we wouldn't spend too much money and everyone would get exactly what they wanted. bo was nerdy enough to put together a google spreadsheet that we all shared so it was really easy to manage.

dinner was wonderful as usual! we had a nice meal and some great company too. it was mostly relaxing and not so crowded. since last year was orion's first christmas, bo's mom invited pretty much the whole world and he was too nervous by the crowd.

after christmas was over, it was time for me to start prepping for my good friend mari's baby shower. i was so excited that she was pregnant, i knew i had to put together a sweet celebration for this time in her life. i spent the friday and saturday after christmas doing the party, and turned out perfect! the girls all had a great time.

then came the car. we drove down in a rental with the intention of buying my sister's friend's car. after much back-and-forth stuff with figuring out the money and car stuff, we were able to pick up the car from him early before paying for it so we could drive it home. what a nice thing for him to let us have it early and it is a great car too! 2005 infiniti fx35. i've never owned an SUV before, so it's definitely a change for me. driving it back to mission viejo from venice was crazy in itself, let alone driving a giant car! bo is checking everything and making sure it's in good condition before driving it back up north. we just got a new set of tires (all four of them) that cost way too much, and even funnier, we decided to walk to cost plus while the car was being worked on. we ended up spending more $$$ on little knick knacks and to top it all off, we put a dining table on hold at the mountain view store! it was a cool deal we couldn't resist! yep, so now the new year has started, and we are starting it of broke!!! hehehe

bo is going snowboarding tomorrow and i will be having a girl's day with mari. if orion is in a good mood, he will stay home with grandma and grandpa and enjoy his time with them. we will be driving back up north on sunday so we can go back to our routine life full of doctor appts and such. it already begins on tuesday! orion has his first dentist appt and bo is also seeing his doctor.

bo and i did not get to our date night that i planned, it was actually going to be our wedding anniversary dinner. maybe next time.

oh and by the way, i feel like i'm surrounded by babies! with my best friend being pregnant, having a still-new nephew, and finding out another friend of mine is pregnant, i forget how cute little babies are and now we want another! of course not for another long while until orion is in "good shape" for a long period of time. after all, he just had open heart surgery only 3 months ago!

lastly, please continue your prayers for little moriah. she just had her THIRD surgery this morning, her third one in a mere two months. that girl needs to get better so the kiddos can play! at the same time, angelina had her surgery on the 30th and i think they are already home!? talk about bouncing back up on her feet!

will post pics later :)

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Nik said...

it's always so nice to get an update on one of my favorite families! i also like to live through you as you buzz around the oc! your new car sounds fun...enjoy! looking forward to seeing photos of your holidays.