Saturday, November 14, 2009

new songs uploaded!

Its been a while, ill blog later today!

00 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Janglin.mp3
00 Taken by Trees - My Boys.mp3
01 Chromeo - Tenderoni.mp3
01 Chromeo - momma's boy.mp3

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We were able to leave at 630. The bleeding had stopped after an hour of sitting up and moving around. When it was time to go, he refused to get in the car! He even said yes to wanting to go back to the hospital!! We had to bribe him with wow wow wubbzy YouTube videos then he was good to go :)

We are so happy to be home and so proud of how well he did today. This
was probably the easiest, quickest stay ever, it's weird!!! But we appreciate it!

It is dinner time, we still need to figure out what to have! Will post some updates tomorrow :)

Not quite ready to go yet

There is still some bleeding, so we are going to wait and see if it
lessens. He's getting grumpier - the meds are wearing off, he's tired,
and wanting to be held (his leg has to stay straight). Hopefully the
bleeding will stop and we can go home today.

Looking good

He's doing great so far. Had a little bleeding at the site (groin) but
it's looking better. If things continue to go well, we can leave at 4!

They did not need to go through the neck. The reading they received
through the groin was enough.

We also saw our cardiologist and he said Orion can stop taking
sildenafil (Viagra). Orion will be happy about that!

Cheese! (and French fries)

Still pulling off picture face!

All done!

They just finished the cath. Everything went well. They are taking him
into the recovery room, and they asked us to continue waiting in the
waiting room to speak with dr. Peng. They are also going to see how he
does for the next four hours, if he's fine we can go home!!! Woohoo!
Hoping things go smoothly so he can relax at home. Yay! We miss our
little boy!!


I think I feel a lot better today. The last several days have been
full of worry, stress, and anxiety. Once we got to the hospital,
everything felt familiar again.

Orion got some "happy" medicine before getting carried off to the
room. He actually woke up at 4am ready to play! So after the med, he
was ready for a nap. We were so glad he conked out and had a good
memory of us before going in the room. I was able to place him on the
scanning bed and we watched them place the EKG and the gas mask.

That was at 8am. The MRI is up to 2 hours, then they take him straight
to the cath lab, which will be 2-4 hours. We will not be hearing from
anyone in between.

The cool new thing stanford didn't have before is a tracking board.
Each patient is assigned a number, and you can check the status of the
patient on the board (all computerized). This is great, we can watch
the progress that will show prep to OR to finishing to transport, etc.
What a great way to ease our minds :)

We are in the waiting room now. This is a brand new floor that we have
not seen. Super nice with flat screens, benches if you want to sit in
the garden, outlets for our computers and phones. But where did the
free coffee go? That's ok, I brought more than enough vinacafes to
hold us over :)

Bo is on his computer, and I brought my knitting and a book. Will post
updates as the day goes.

xoxo to all our family and friends. We couldn't do this without you.

Orion's Cath & MRI today

Orion goes in for a cath AND MRI today. We been keeping it on the DL for really no apparent reason. I think we just didn't want to think about it until we had to, the anxiety is too much. It is almost a year since his last surgery, and thus they want to do a full work-up. The plan is to do two caths, one through his neck to check the Glenn, and one from his groin, to check his PValve. This will be his 8th cath and the first cath NOT done by Dr. Perry. :( I think that added to the anxiety that last day also (we just found out in his pre-op). But Dr. Peng comes form CH Boston, with a residency in John's Hopkins, so she must be good. We had a short taste of what the next week would be like, when Orion can home REALLY upset after his blood draw. Poor guys going to be even more upset after his cath, waking up all groggy and in a different place... off to the cath!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

daddy & me soccer

i signed orion up for his first sport!!!

he will start in july, and it is 8 sessions long, every saturday. each session is 30 minutes. i can't wait to see all the little kiddies running around in their uniforms kicking balls around :) it was under $100, i didn't think that was too bad. i got the confirmation email, stating that shin guards are required (seriously?! i hope these kids aren't going to get hurt!) and soccer cleats are recommended. these are little 2-year-olds! he's going to grow out of this equipment so fast.

and so it begins, the extra-curricular activities....

today's weight check

orion goes every month to get weighed at his pediatrician's office. in the last month, he gained more than 1.5 pounds, making him 23 pounds exactly! pediasure is like a child's version of miracle gro :) since he's doing so well, she changed his visits to be every two months. nice, one less thing to worry about!

tomorrow, we are going to see his neurologist for a follow-up. it's been about six months, i think, since coming off the keppra. let's hope for a short visit!!

going private

we decided to make our blog private. we post a lot of medical information here, personal pictures, orion is growing and getting older, and we are taking him out a lot more! we didn't want the whole world to know where we are at a given time. most recently, we had some random guy contact us because somewhere in our blog we posted our SF address, and he wanted to ask us about the unit before deciding to move in. weird?! i think so.

i added a new column on the right side called "upcoming events." there is waaaaay too much stuff to do around here, so i thought i'd keep a log of fun things we might be going to. you never know, we could have some crazy stalker, i know i have before, and i know friends who have too! crazies.

Monday, June 08, 2009

long-overdue update!

orion had his echo and ekg monday morning. boy was he good! he woke up early, ate a massive breakfast (very, VERY rare) and was happy the whole way there. he got a lollipop and stickers, and all is good!

everything looks the same, valves are still a bit leaky, but that is normal for him. his ekg was the same, nothing new to report. he did well during the clinic visit with his cardiologist (like usual), except he was a bit shy this time around?! maybe because we haven't been in a long time. we were always going about every month, then it became three months, and now it's six months! that is just crazy. i can't imagine not going to get him checked in six months. but, he is still scheduled to have a cath and MRI in august/september, which will mark one year after his last surgery, the bidirectional glenn.

we originally got a gift for our cardiologist's daughter since i knew her birthday was coming up. i didn't realize until last night that her birthday will be later in the year, in which we will be seeing the cardiologist again. so, we decided to keep the gift for orion!! haha :) i really wanted to get this for him, and the actual gift i was looking to get for the daughter i couldn't find in the store. so it all worked out. orion opened his present when we got home after the appointment. here's what he got!

he loves this thing! it's got everything he is obsessed with right now: circles, numbers, and shapes. strangers are amazed by his interest in counting and the alphabet - c'mon now, he's a kid and is ready to absorb anything that comes his way!

on another note, moriah is STILL in the hospital, poor girl. we don't visit much since orion still gets traumatized from going to the hospital, even for a visit. the night of his echo, he had a lot of nightmares, whimpering in his sleep and he would say "ow" a lot. it was really sad! all in his sleep. we are still praying for moriah to get better (plus all the other babies and kids in this world!).

oh, i forgot to mention! we asked our cardiologist about travelling overseas. orion should be ok to travel to europe! we want to visit my sister and her family, so maybe we will try going next year. for now though, we will stick with california, and might try going to yosemite. but first, we will check out another local place for elevation to see how orion does. last time we drove down to la, we went through some high point, can't remember which, and he turned blue for a good 15-20 minutes.

he's also being brought down on his lasix. he usually takes 1ml three times a day. now, we are trying out his middle dose at 0.5ml and keeping the other doses the same. hopefully he will be ok with this gradual change.

i am prepping the house for a visit from anson and vincent next week. i hope they are able to make it! vincent's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow, i can't believe it!!!!! i got him a little surprise gift :) then we'll be driving down to la sometime this month. woohoo!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New songs uploaded... Tawny's necklace and more...

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls
Metric - Help, I'm Alive
Phoenix - Lisztomania

Some Oldies but Goodies:
The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Weezer - Buddy Holly...

Buddy Holly:

Bo's new glasses:

Mary Tyler Moore's hair:

Tawny's hair:

A close up of tawny's mother's day necklace:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

what's up with oreo's new branding?

i was at target and came across these:

my first thought was that it was target's version of oreo? but then it says the brand-name oreo! i do not like this new re-branding AT ALL! it looks generic, like they are trying to be this hip, modern cookie, when really, all we want is the classic oreo. this logo is not going to last. it's more of a trendy look than a long-lasting impression kind of look.

do-over please!

Friday, May 08, 2009

new art, new friend

orion tried watercolors for the first time today. i have to say, much cleaner than crayons and markers, and a much different style of art too! he loves it!

orion also got to play with a neighbor friend too.

i thought orion was rambuntious! not even close when compared to that boy. he sure had tons of energy, i absolutely sympathize for his mother. they both ran around the courtyard for about two hours and both of them were sad to return home for dinner. there will be plenty more days for play time, boys :)

more random miscellaneous stuff

i woke up to this:

bo doesn't even like barbasol! i'm going to give it to orion to use for some artsy stuff.

random miscellaneous stuff

ok, this post doesn't really have much to do with orion's health or anything aye team for that matter. it's probably just rambling that i thought i'd share :)

i hardly shop at safeway (for those not in the bay area, safeway is the same as vons). anyway, i only go there to use our WIC vouchers that orion receives, and i don't really like shopping there because their stuff is way overpriced. the sucky part is, there's a safeway on every corner so it is SO convenient (like right across the street). when i don't feel like trekking to trader joe's (which isn't even that far either), but you have to realize i'm bringing orion with me which is already a feat in itself, i will go to safeway.

when i shop there, i get easily distracted because there's too much stuff to look at. i'm used to TJs where pretty much everything is its own label and you won't really find commercial items. so when i'm at safeway, i find weird, random things like:

tempting right? especially when i know bo would absolutely LOVE this!!! but i wasn't about to spend $6 or whatever it cost. i figured a picture will suffice.

moving on to the cereal aisle, i was trying to find something "healthy" yet bright and cheery enough to grab orion's interest. the best thing i could find was lucky charms?! seriously?? every single box of cereal's main ingredient was sugar. i remember long ago my nutrition teacher said labels will put ingredients in order of amount. so the first few ingredients listed makes up the majority of the product. i think lucky charms listed sugar as third. whoopee.

finally i spotted this:
eating right kids fruity ringlets. ding ding ding! eating right is a division of safeway products, and this cereal was colorful and happy, plus it is naturally sweetened with sugar cane. i traded in the lucky charms for this stuff. orion digs it.

okay, on to produce. wow, is this store expensive. now i'm comparing safeway produce to asian market produce. you can find a head of lettuce at the asian market for 50 cents. safeway charges nearly $2. i think i need to find a middle ground and shop at a local farmers market because frankly, i don't want to drive 30 minutes to san jose to save some change. which reminds me, starting next month, WIC is offering farmers market vouchers! i'm supposed to remember to ask for them.

i think that's my rant on grocery shopping (the worries i have from day to day haha).

i got a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday!

my favorite is the little drawing of vincent and orion building legos :) made my day!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

VIDEO - trying to get cookies

update to our site

i added a list on the right side of our site - it's a list of words orion knows/vocally says. i tried to write down all that i can remember :) he is talking so much!!

he can already count in order from one to ten, though he skips some numbers. but cool either way!!!

did i mention his speech therapy evaluation already? i can't remember. anyway, he was referred to packard for an eval since he seemed to have trouble with pronunciation. the specialist said he is right on track and is not having any trouble at all! in fact, there are a few areas where he is ahead of those in his age group! he is already recognizing letters and pronouncing sounds, something that kids do around age 3. yay, one less thing to worry about :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

spring time!

we've been living in our new place now for over a month and slowly decorating and getting it to be homey. orion's room is pretty much set (aside from needing the walls painted and putting up some artwork). we have our living room situated with all the right furniture and took a day out of the week to paint one wall teal. orion is still loving all the space, being able to run around and bounce balls off the walls :)

our last visit to the pediatrician, orion gained 7 oz. it was decided to have him drink pediasure (which he loves!) and since then, he seems noticeably heavier! his cheeks are fuller, so i really hope it's working.

the weather here has been insanely hot! 95-degree weather calls for pool time, and man oh man, did orion love swimming. it was the second time being in the pool (the first time, he was a tiny baby at ali's house). we didn't know he would like it so much! so that night, we went out to target and bought him a floatie. it's been too hot to go outside, but today seems to be a nice pool day so maybe we'll make it out after he wakes up from his nap.

easter was a fun, relaxing day. we did an easter egg hunt outside in the courtyard, eggs filled with chocolates, gummies, hot wheels, and bouncy balls. we had a picnic lunch outside and then ended our day with coloring eggs. bo has never colored eggs before, and this was finally the first year since orion was born that we have actually been home and out of the hospital for easter! we all had a very nice, and messy, time.

our next heart babies meeting is this weekend at kathy's house. fun fun fun! we've got art projects lined up for the kids plus bbqing for lunch. i hope we get to meet some new families, the same families tend to show up at these things. i changed the meetings to be monthly instead of seasonally to allow more families the option to come out and visit. hopefully it works out for everyone!

we all seem to be pretty busy with AMG work stuff, spending too much time on FB, and just doing day-to-day work at home that we are not blogging enough. hopefully i will stop procrastinating, finally get pictures off my camera (really, these are pictures from before christmas!) and keep everyone in the loop with the aye team!


Friday, March 13, 2009


my sister's dear cat mindy passed away this morning. she came home to us when i was only in 7th grade, making mindy 17 years old. she was a funny one, she loved to sleep in shoe boxes and torment orion. it was her time, and she will be missed. alice gave her a great life.

"failure to thrive"

"failure to thrive" - that is what orion's pediatrician noted when she did his 2-year wellness exam. he has pretty much been the same weight since last fall, only because he spent a lot of the winter sick. even though he gained one full pound in the last three weeks, he is way off his own weight curve now, something he has been steadily following since he was born. he is already in the negative percentile on the weight chart, and now it's even harder that he's not even following his own curve anymore. he weighed in at 20 lbs 5 oz yesterday.

our last visit to the pediatrician, she recommended giving him a little "splash" of half and half in his cup of milk everyday. well, now that "splash" has turned into 1/4 of his cup, but i just pour in about half anyway. i need him to bulk up!!! i still put butter and oil all over his foods. he doesn't have trouble eating, just trouble retaining the weight. he's been eating great these last few weeks, hence gaining the pound, so hopefully he can continue this route so he can chunk up.

for now we continue his usual butter and oil and half and half routine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

most amazing apple tart ever

rarely do i like tarts for a dessert. really, the only dessert tart i like is the fruit tart, and it's gotta be from a vietnamese bakery. so when tina came over with an apple tart from bouchon bakery, i politely said, "okay, thanks." little did i know how DELICIOUS it would be! i was blown away. YUM. i have a new love for tarts!

fun pics

super thirsty!

being silly

fun with dad in the courtyard

waiting for sesame street to begin


orion was able to fit into this fall's enrollment of preschool! yay! i spent quite some time researching neighboring schools, something that would be a good fit for him. after narrowing it down to parent-participation schools, we toured three schools. we liked all three, but we chose our favorite and just hoped for the best. i actually registered early at the school we did want because we thought we'd be gone on vacation during the open house. if i didn't register early, the class would have been full, so i am so thankful we made it in! he will begin in september, and class will be 2.5 hours a day, twice a week. i will be able to attend the class once a week, who knows what i will do the other day of class?! probably sit in the parking lot and wait :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

orion's development

we went to the child development center earlier this week, and he is doing great so far, except for his speech. though i don't see any problems, the doctor was concerned that orion does not pronounce the end of the words. for example:


and so on.

gimme a break!!! he's TWO! just learning to speak, i would think this is normal? he used to say "ah" for "on" but now he pronounces it all and says ON. i think it just takes him a while to learn and practice the entire word, but i still told his early start specialist. she says it pretty normal, as long as he is combining words and has a minimum of words in his vocabulary (we estimated about 50+ words). she said she would make a note of it in case the doctors thought it was a concern too.

anyway, he has an appt with a speech therapist next month. yet another appt....

living the irvine style, without the irvine

as most of you know, we just moved (again). this time, i REALLY promise not to look for another apartment - for at least a few years :) we are still getting settled in, but orion warmed up to the new adjustment quickly. more space to run around in, and his bedroom has a lot of room to fit all his toys in! most of the apartment is still a mess, so i will take pictures once it looks a bit more orderly.

i really like living in an irvine apartment community again. even better, we don't have to live in pretentious irvine! plus, we have awesome neighbors!!! we like being within walking distance to ryan and verike's and mitch and diane's. it's a hop, skip, and a jump. thanks to EVERYONE that helped up move, we couldn't have done it without you guys!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

super sick and then some

the last few days have been very rough for orion. he had a fever, the highest being 102.5. his medical team has always advised us to call the hospital if it was ever 101 or higher. right away, i gave him tylenol and tried wiping his body down with warm washcloths. after no success, i called my mom and she suggested using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. that did the trick! aren't moms amazing?! his fever dropped to 100.5 and stayed around there for the rest of the day.

the next morning, we took him to the pediatrician's office, and though our ped was out that day, we saw another doctor in the office. after checking his lungs and ears and seeing there was no congestion anywhere, we were sent back home. his fever never came back, but his cough got way worse. last night, he was coughing nonstop all night. the poor guy did not sleep at all, and neither did we. we went back to see our pediatrician this morning, and she said his cough was sounding more like he swallowed something he shouldn't have. she sent us to the hospital to go get xrays, but they did not find anything that would be blocking his airways.

orion was able to get some sleep today, but he has not eaten anything at all. he just drinks water or apple juice, and if he does eat, all he wants is kix (hey, that's better than nothing).

so we are going back to our pediatrician again tomorrow so she can see if he's gotten better or not. if it's still the same, then we are off to see an ear, nose, throat doctor, in which they can look in his throat with a camera. i think his cough is sounding more wet though, and his nose is back to runny again, so maybe this cold got a second wind :( either way, orion is miserable.

on a last note, i fed him rocky road ice cream yesterday afternoon, a few hours before this nonstop coughing started. i usually avoid the nuts when feeding him, but one snuck in his mouth, and i watched him chew it. i figured he was fine if he could chew and swallow. now, i realize that maybe a small little piece could be stuck in his throat which is causing him to cough. sigh....i am so mad at myself!!!! i feel like i have caused him all this misery. let's hope tomorrow will be better and we will figure out what's going on with orion.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

cold getting worse

orion is now coughing a ton, sneezing through the day, but his runny nose is mostly gone. i am also guessing he has a sore throat because he keeps rubbing his neck, and he is still grabbing at his ears. he had trouble falling asleep from all the coughing, and then he even threw up! i don't know what that's about. i'm sure if it continues, we'll be back at the doctor's on monday.

i woke up sick this morning, mostly feeling like my whole body was achy and i am coughing again. i slept in while bo played with orion, but now bo is sick!!! vicious cycle in this house. we should have worn our masks!!!! oh well.

sunday is LPCH's heart party that they have every year. all the cardiac patients and their families are invited to the park for a potluck party and lots of games and activities for the kids. we missed it last year because we were in orange county to celebrate orion's first birthday. hopefully we will be well enough to attend tomorrow!

we got a couple of videos of orion today. i will ask bo to post them later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

orion IS sick!!!

he was sneezing all day yesterday and woke up with a runny nose today. the last couple of days he was scratching and pulling at his ears, so we went to the doctor today to get it checked (plus get his synagis shot!). it's just a cold, and his ears are congested, but no fluid so no infection. thank goodness! hopefully he will be in good spirits and the cold will not get worse.

we have early start tomorrow afternoon and then we are headed out to a far away place to pick up a dining table with chairs that i found on craigslist. our poor dining table has been beaten with teeny spoons and forks, so i opted for a plastic-like table top that also has rounded corners. no more head-bumping! the new table is kinda funky old school, something you'd probably find in your parents' home, maybe even your grandparents. haha. i guess we are becoming more retro-vintagey and less IKEA these days. boy, we are getting old!!!

well, i am headed to bed because the monster just fell asleep (yup, at 11pm). what are we going to do with this kid?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


we've decided orion must be teething. the fever he had only lasted the night, and he has been very drooly the last few weeks. after his echo and seeing that his heart is essentially unchanged, we knew he wasn't sick with anything. so.....we are just bearing it with his neverending whining, crying, and complaining.

he still has two leaky valves - one is his tricuspid valve and the other is his artificial valve. i didn't really ask what the negative impact is with this leaking, but it's very minimal so i left it at that. they are keeping an eye on those two valves, and our next echo appt is in may. then in september, he will have another heart cath. that will mark one year since his last surgery! though september sounds far away, it doesn't feel like it to me. i really don't like when orion has these procedures done as an outpatient because they send him home immediately afterwards. isn't that crazy? they put him under, do the cath (which is usually about 2-4 hours), they bring him back to day surgery to recover, and then we can take him home as long as there isn't any bleeding. it's just awfully weird to go home right away because he is so loopy and out of it. from our last experience, it took nearly two weeks for his body to become normal again and get the anesthesia out of his body. his usual symptoms are a lot of crying, clinginess, no eating, no sleeping, etc, so as you can see it's kind of tough. but i'm sure he (and us too) would rather be at home than in the hospital!!

other than that, everything seems to be on track at home. i think orion has been having more trouble sleeping since our appt. he tends to be traumatized and i wouldn't be surprised if he has been having nightmares about the visit. hopefully this will all pass soon.

bo is still busy with work as usual, which is great during this crazy economic time. we are working on moving, once that is finalized, i will post more details. we plan on going to la next week so bo can have a track day with anson and the subaru group and also have a family birthday party. we are also having our taxes done down there.

not much else to report. our appts have definitely gone down now that orion doesn't receive physical and occupational therapy anymore. though we absolutely loved taking him to the school for these therapies, we know he doesn't need it and is doing just fine. it's almost weird not to have any appts, i never know what day it is now! he is still receiving early start services, and we finally got started with a new teacher because our last one was crap. after our initial visit, she says he will probably not qualify anymore because he seems to be way ahead for his age. so nice to hear!!! i HATE having other assessments done where they tell me he is so behind, delayed, etc etc and make me feel like a bad parent because i'm not doing enough. those are the assessments done in a clinical office with staff in white coats and not friendly at all. of course kids aren't going to do anything for you! anyway, i am blabbering. we are happy to see orion is developing on schedule and doing great. yay!

i am on my second load of laundry and now it's time for dishes and cooking :)

Monday, February 09, 2009


orion is sick with a fever. he woke up this morning at 1am not feeling well. this is explaining a lot! he hasn't been himself all week, and starting thursday, you can see blueness in his lips and face. other than that, personality wise he still seems the same. we have an echo monday morning, so we did not take him to the doctor right away. we figured we would find out why he was turning blue when we saw his cardiologist. this reminds me of about 6 months ago, when he just out of nowhere, turned very blue - his lips, face, hands and feet. the next day he was diagnosed with roseola. so we know this must be a virus that he has, and hopefully it is not heart related.

the echo is in the morning at 8am, so we will post updates! we have been pretty nervous about it since his last echo was in october. hopefully there are no changes and that this blueness is due to a virus!!! darn, we try so hard to keep our home and ourselves germ-free, but i suppose it's not 100%.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

continued prayers for the mark family

andrew passed peacefully earlier today....please continue to send prayers to the family....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Please pray for my friend Andrew and his young family

Our dear friend and his family have been fighting cancer for the last few years. Im writing this post with a very heavy heart as the doctors have now said he has hours left. Please pray for him and his family:

quoted form their blog:
Pray that the Lord would continue to sustain Andrew's life and if it is in His will that He would show His glory through a miraculous healing. Pray that the Lord would give Grace strength and peace, and also the same for the family surrounding them right now. And pray for wisdom and clarity of mind for the doctors...

Please pray especially for comfort, strength and peace for Grace(his wife), Gracie and AJ(his children).

click here for their blog

Thursday, January 29, 2009

one of my least favorite things

orion is just so quick and smart. one of my least favorite things he can do is use our phones. just last night, he woke up at 4am, found my phone, unlocked it, scrolled through the icons to get to a bubble game i downloaded, and he started playing away. argh! it is so frustrating because when he wants something, he has to have it! i had to take it away, he threw his fit for a while, then finally fell asleep. i think i need to start hiding my phone when he's awake from now on.

maybe that's why it died on me! orion's been messing with it!!!

talking up a storm!

this kid doesn't stop! it seems since we got back from OC he has been picking up words quickly, mimicking sounds, and using them in context with coinciding objects. like right now, his favorite words are "door," "bubbles," "more,""please," he probably says those the most. i have a long list of his spoken words i have kept track of, i will post the list at some point.

overall, he is still spunky as ever! his desire for independence is getting stronger, so we offer him a lot of choices. for example, instead of saying, "do you want to eat lunch?" i will ask, "would you like noodles or a hot dog?" it makes kids feel great to be making their own choice :) he's also learned to say "no." before, it was just for fun, but now he knows what it means and uses it all the time! at least he is not yelling it to me...yet!

no pictures

ok, so my phone totally died yesterday, and bo was able to recover my 1000 photos that i never bothered to back up. haha, i guess that's what i get right? so it's currently restoring, once i'm all set up again, i will finally post some pics.

neurology clinic visit

things have definitely been busy all month, so i will start with today, then work my way backwards!

we saw orion's neurologist today for a follow-up. since orion hasn't had any seizures since his last incident in march of 2008, he is going to slowly be taken off of keppra over the next 4-6 weeks. now first, the news sounds great because less meds the better right? but at the same time, it could cause him to have seizures then we'd have to put him back on it. i'm really hoping for the "less meds" idea, i don't know what i'd do if he had a seizure at home.

the doctor also said to never leave him alone in water, not even for a second. he said that is usually the saddest case when kids have seizures and they are in the bathtub or in the pool. honestly, i hate teaching orion that he has certain limitations, but i suppose it is a part of his life. it definitely makes me sad, but i know it is for the best and he will grow up to learn what is safe/isn't safe for him to do.

Friday, January 02, 2009

merry christmas, happy new year, and more!

we are still in orange county with grandma aye :) things are quite busy, so i haven't had much time (or energy!) to blog. bo and i usually get some good quality time in when we come down here. bo's mom is a great babysitter to orion. this time though, we had so much stuff going on, plus a lot of people in the house are sick, so that means i have been watching orion for most of the day. bo is always busy with work.

let's! we usually do christmas eve at anson's house, then christmas day is spent at the aye house. i can't really remember why we didn't do that this year, but anson still came over on christmas day. we decided to do a thanksgiving dinner since everyone missed thanksgiving this year. anson made the turkey and i made most of the sides with help from others, and semone made her awesome cornbread and dessert (blueberry streusel!). we opened presents in the morning. there were like a gazillion presents! we opened in order of age, but after a couple of rounds, everyone was just opening them all at the same time. we also wrote up christmas lists this year so we wouldn't spend too much money and everyone would get exactly what they wanted. bo was nerdy enough to put together a google spreadsheet that we all shared so it was really easy to manage.

dinner was wonderful as usual! we had a nice meal and some great company too. it was mostly relaxing and not so crowded. since last year was orion's first christmas, bo's mom invited pretty much the whole world and he was too nervous by the crowd.

after christmas was over, it was time for me to start prepping for my good friend mari's baby shower. i was so excited that she was pregnant, i knew i had to put together a sweet celebration for this time in her life. i spent the friday and saturday after christmas doing the party, and turned out perfect! the girls all had a great time.

then came the car. we drove down in a rental with the intention of buying my sister's friend's car. after much back-and-forth stuff with figuring out the money and car stuff, we were able to pick up the car from him early before paying for it so we could drive it home. what a nice thing for him to let us have it early and it is a great car too! 2005 infiniti fx35. i've never owned an SUV before, so it's definitely a change for me. driving it back to mission viejo from venice was crazy in itself, let alone driving a giant car! bo is checking everything and making sure it's in good condition before driving it back up north. we just got a new set of tires (all four of them) that cost way too much, and even funnier, we decided to walk to cost plus while the car was being worked on. we ended up spending more $$$ on little knick knacks and to top it all off, we put a dining table on hold at the mountain view store! it was a cool deal we couldn't resist! yep, so now the new year has started, and we are starting it of broke!!! hehehe

bo is going snowboarding tomorrow and i will be having a girl's day with mari. if orion is in a good mood, he will stay home with grandma and grandpa and enjoy his time with them. we will be driving back up north on sunday so we can go back to our routine life full of doctor appts and such. it already begins on tuesday! orion has his first dentist appt and bo is also seeing his doctor.

bo and i did not get to our date night that i planned, it was actually going to be our wedding anniversary dinner. maybe next time.

oh and by the way, i feel like i'm surrounded by babies! with my best friend being pregnant, having a still-new nephew, and finding out another friend of mine is pregnant, i forget how cute little babies are and now we want another! of course not for another long while until orion is in "good shape" for a long period of time. after all, he just had open heart surgery only 3 months ago!

lastly, please continue your prayers for little moriah. she just had her THIRD surgery this morning, her third one in a mere two months. that girl needs to get better so the kiddos can play! at the same time, angelina had her surgery on the 30th and i think they are already home!? talk about bouncing back up on her feet!

will post pics later :)