Tuesday, December 02, 2008

spunky butt

orion is pretty much back to his old self. been kinda busy with him, so no blogging! bo was really sick for a week or so, so i focused most of my attention on the boys getting better and trying to keep up with housework.

thanksgiving was great. i meant to post earlier about it, but i will have to make this one short. maybe later!

my mom is visiting up here. she was originally traveling to OC since vincent's birthday party is this coming weekend. since we cannot make it to the party anymore, she decided to come up here for a few days. it has been great! lots of homecooked food, a babysitter, and even cleaning too! she's taken a good load off my shoulders :)

i also wanted to post a small update about moriah. she has been having setbacks after setbacks, so she needs a lot of prayers! it has already been 18 days post-op, and she's run into several issues and is still in the hospital, with the breathing tube. she might even need another heart surgery, so they will find out tomorrow what the surgery team says. i feel awful that we can't even visit them because we have been sick. this is such a hard time for ANY parent, we know exactly what it's like, and it helps to have support nearby, even if it's just a quick check-in.

we actually have a clinic appointment next week, and i'm hoping we will be germ-free by then to at least see moriah's parents outside of CVICU.

please send them some love and prayers!!!

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