Thursday, December 11, 2008

short hospital visit

i meant to blog last night, but we were so busy, i didn't get to it. after visiting our pediatrician yesterday to follow-up on orion's infection, she suggested we see someone from the surgery team to possibly drain the infection manually since the antibiotic was not working. we got an appt today at noon, and orion was seen by one of the surgeons. i should not have watched the procedure!!!!

orion got some codeine right when we arrived for our appt. the surgeon gave him so local anesthetics to numb the area. he dug in there with scissors (it was not pretty). i just about cried with orion. they found a suture in there! from two months ago, hence the infection. they dug it out, and he should be fine now. we are continuing the antibiotic for another week, and he should be set. thank goodness that is solved.

i also noticed yesterday that orion has a new tooth! no wonder he has been cranky and not eating! now that this infection thing is over, maybe he will start feeling better again and back to his usual self. until then, we are just bearing with the tears and madness through the days and nights.

he hasn't had a B-O-T-T-L-E since that night i last blogged about it. he has been so good. he still signs for one, but we have not given in. it has been replaced with katie mulua videos, so at least he is being soothed in some sort of way.

after our clinic visit today, orion and i were viewing the choo-choo train the hospital has near the heart center. we ran into justin (moriah's dad). being me and practically frantic and still stressed from the procedure, i went on and on about orion and DUH! finally hit me and asked how moriah was doing! (silly me, she just had heart surgery last night!). what a dummy i am. her surgery went well, but she is still having a lot of GI issues. they really could use some prayers right now. that poor girl has been through so much, so much more than orion has, and i can totally feel for her parents. so many questions unanswered, it really is a tough thing to go through. so please send prayers to the nelsons, they really need it!

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Mami Adame said...

OMG, we did once in the hospital. Angelina's surgeon was in the vicinity of her room and I asked him to come look at her incision. Luckily she took it like a champ when he dug in there like that-- mommy on the other hand was not amused! And I'm a nurse!