Friday, December 19, 2008


first off, i have to say a big apology to bo for accidentally running his iphone through the washing machine just now. i washed a pair of pants that was just worn, and when i asked him if they were dirty, he was half asleep answering me. dangit!! new 3G.... he is working on it right now. sigh....

earlier today, we went to visit the nelsons to bring them a big bag of goodies, courtesy of "heart babies of the bay" and the manzi family. several members of our support group up here sent me photos at my request. i wanted to put together a book of heart babies so they can see how healthy and wonderful the kids are! the campodonicas also included a sweet pink butterfly and tinkerbell blanket that jennifer made. rana, who had met the nelsons at chla, also contributed a giant sack full of yumminess. it was my pleasure to do the shopping, and got some great stuff at cost plus world market, one of my favorite stores, and one of my favorite jobs during my college days.

after that, the three of us had dinner at our favorite korean restaurant, sigoljip korea bbq, in santa clara in celebration of our 3rd anniversary - that is, our "BF/GF" anniversary, not wedding anniversary, hehe. we ordered way too much food on top of all the little dishes they serve you that we totally forgot about. orion ate TONS because he was so focused on all the other kids in the restaurant. he didn't even realize how much tofu and beef he ate.

my hair is sooooooo long! i haven't had a haircut since june, and i can't wait to finally get down to OC to see my gina. orion was so nice and clean, up until the last 5 minutes of the meal, when he decided to start throwing rice everywhere. mmmm, nice and sticky. we added an extra big tip just for the mess he left.

we are driving down monday, hopefully if the weather permits. it has been icy the last couple of days, so if the weather is no good, we'll stay up here to be safe. currently, our presents are wrapped and are high up on shelves out of orion's reach. our sad christmas tree has ornaments only on the top half of the tree since he kept throwing them all over the place. the bottom tree is now decorated with old halloween stickers. maybe next year he will be old enough not to mess with it.

off to get the monster to bed. he had an insane day today after getting no sleep last night and having an off-schedule day today.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

thank you guys again for EVERYTHING. It has meant the world to Justin and I to have you visit us. It definitely brightens up our stay here at the hospital - not to mention all the goodies you bring us!
Lots of love to you guys and Merry Christmas,
Justin, Victoria, and Moriah

christine adolph said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your beautiful family! love Christine