Friday, December 19, 2008


first off, i have to say a big apology to bo for accidentally running his iphone through the washing machine just now. i washed a pair of pants that was just worn, and when i asked him if they were dirty, he was half asleep answering me. dangit!! new 3G.... he is working on it right now. sigh....

earlier today, we went to visit the nelsons to bring them a big bag of goodies, courtesy of "heart babies of the bay" and the manzi family. several members of our support group up here sent me photos at my request. i wanted to put together a book of heart babies so they can see how healthy and wonderful the kids are! the campodonicas also included a sweet pink butterfly and tinkerbell blanket that jennifer made. rana, who had met the nelsons at chla, also contributed a giant sack full of yumminess. it was my pleasure to do the shopping, and got some great stuff at cost plus world market, one of my favorite stores, and one of my favorite jobs during my college days.

after that, the three of us had dinner at our favorite korean restaurant, sigoljip korea bbq, in santa clara in celebration of our 3rd anniversary - that is, our "BF/GF" anniversary, not wedding anniversary, hehe. we ordered way too much food on top of all the little dishes they serve you that we totally forgot about. orion ate TONS because he was so focused on all the other kids in the restaurant. he didn't even realize how much tofu and beef he ate.

my hair is sooooooo long! i haven't had a haircut since june, and i can't wait to finally get down to OC to see my gina. orion was so nice and clean, up until the last 5 minutes of the meal, when he decided to start throwing rice everywhere. mmmm, nice and sticky. we added an extra big tip just for the mess he left.

we are driving down monday, hopefully if the weather permits. it has been icy the last couple of days, so if the weather is no good, we'll stay up here to be safe. currently, our presents are wrapped and are high up on shelves out of orion's reach. our sad christmas tree has ornaments only on the top half of the tree since he kept throwing them all over the place. the bottom tree is now decorated with old halloween stickers. maybe next year he will be old enough not to mess with it.

off to get the monster to bed. he had an insane day today after getting no sleep last night and having an off-schedule day today.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

short hospital visit

i meant to blog last night, but we were so busy, i didn't get to it. after visiting our pediatrician yesterday to follow-up on orion's infection, she suggested we see someone from the surgery team to possibly drain the infection manually since the antibiotic was not working. we got an appt today at noon, and orion was seen by one of the surgeons. i should not have watched the procedure!!!!

orion got some codeine right when we arrived for our appt. the surgeon gave him so local anesthetics to numb the area. he dug in there with scissors (it was not pretty). i just about cried with orion. they found a suture in there! from two months ago, hence the infection. they dug it out, and he should be fine now. we are continuing the antibiotic for another week, and he should be set. thank goodness that is solved.

i also noticed yesterday that orion has a new tooth! no wonder he has been cranky and not eating! now that this infection thing is over, maybe he will start feeling better again and back to his usual self. until then, we are just bearing with the tears and madness through the days and nights.

he hasn't had a B-O-T-T-L-E since that night i last blogged about it. he has been so good. he still signs for one, but we have not given in. it has been replaced with katie mulua videos, so at least he is being soothed in some sort of way.

after our clinic visit today, orion and i were viewing the choo-choo train the hospital has near the heart center. we ran into justin (moriah's dad). being me and practically frantic and still stressed from the procedure, i went on and on about orion and DUH! finally hit me and asked how moriah was doing! (silly me, she just had heart surgery last night!). what a dummy i am. her surgery went well, but she is still having a lot of GI issues. they really could use some prayers right now. that poor girl has been through so much, so much more than orion has, and i can totally feel for her parents. so many questions unanswered, it really is a tough thing to go through. so please send prayers to the nelsons, they really need it!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

funny and growing moments + PHOTOS!!

today, i couldn't find my phone. i used bo's phone to call it.

i found it in bo's shoe.

how cute and funny is that? i love how kids just do silly things without thinking anything of it.

the last couple of days have been big days. bo started using the shelf from our dining table and turning into a ramp. he inclines it on the couch, and orion practices walking up and down it, grabbing his cars and racing them down the ramp. our physical therapist actually suggested this kind of exercise several weeks ago to get him to build up his muscles. it's working! it's also helping out his balancing skills, and it's all fun and games too. it's one of his favorite past times.

orion's also understanding when he's pee'd/poo'd into his diaper. he will go into the bedroom, grab a diaper, bring it out to us and point to the bedroom to go take him in there and change him. HA! he's quicker than us. he's also showing interest in his potty, so i think it's time to's such a big job, but it's got to be done.

tonight was the first night he fell asleep without a bottle. he ALWAYS needs a bottle, whether or not he's thirsty. we've been contemplating lately on weaning him because that darn kid just drinks too much! an average toddler probably drinks 10-15 oz of water a day. orion drinks at least 30-40 oz. that is so much! and then, that really adds to the diaper changes, we must go through that giant value box in a month (that's 160 diapers!). plus, i think all that water-drinking is making him too full to eat. so tonight, we let him have one bottle (5 oz water) and he cried for more, but after 30 minutes of tears, he gave up and went to sleep. i'm aiming to not give him any bottles in the middle of the night (he always wakes up about every 3 hours to drink some water). i hope i don't give in!!!

he's also had trouble tolerating cow's milk in the past (rash and vomiting). we tried goat's milk, but that didn't work either. in the past week, he has become obsessed with cheddar cheese and stonyfield farm's yokids squeezers.

he never really liked yogurt from a cup, but these little tubes of yogurt is so appealing to him! he will eat two at a time, and will total 4-5 of these a day! i'm sure he would eat a whole box if i let him. you can find these at trader joe's.

since he's been tolerating processed cow's milk, i decided to try cow's milk again. i mixed 1 oz of whole milk with 3 oz of soy milk and he didn't mind it. no rash, no vomiting. today, we are at 2 oz whole milk and 2 oz soy milk and he enjoyed it. hopefully i can get him to drink just whole milk, it will be so much more nutritious for him, and cheaper too!!!

so, some great stuff happened over the last couple of days. on the downside, he hasn't been eating well in the last 4 days. he would eat breakfast, but would not eat lunch or dinner. then today, he didn't eat any breakfast at all, so i decided to make lunch fun and get him this:


he ate most of the fries and half a nugget. he drank half of his juice. he ended up finishing the rest of the nuggets at home, only after i spent 45 minutes blowing bubbles to distract him and getting him to eat.

prior to mcdonald's, we took orion to one of our favorite parks in palo alto. it was such a nice day today, we decided to stop for some play time on our way home from LPCH's rummage sale.

here are some long overdue photos that are from the past month:

couch time with his fave soccer ball and raisins

reading after visiting moriah

response to "where's boobie?"

straws = inexpensive entertainment

dipping cookies into milk

that funny face you see in a lot of his photos is his infamous "picture face." he does this whenever the camera comes out.

orion also got to spend some quality time with my mom while she was here earlier in the week for a few days. i did not get any pics with my camera, so i will have to get them from hers. she cooked a TON of food, kept our apartment clean, and played so much with orion. he had a blast. she left in the morning while orion was sleeping, and that day was pretty rough for him. he was looking for her, calling her, and was just sad and moody. it took a couple of days for him to get out of that funk.

i hope you enjoyed the photos, and i will try harder to post more pictures in a timely manner!

orion's got another follow-up with cardiology on monday and also seeing pediatrician on wednesday. oh yeah, forgot to mention after him catching a cold, he also got a staph infection on one of his chest tube scars. the antibiotic ointment did not get rid of it, so he's taking an oral antibiotic. hopefully it will go away by wednesday! if it doesn't, i don't know what the next step is. let's hope this infection clears and does not spread to other places like his HEART.

ok, last bit of info: please continue sending prayers to baby moriah!!!! she will need heart surgery again, and needs all the love and healing she can get!!!

Playlist Updated!

After more than two years, we've finally updated our playlist. Its a fun mix of songs that all three of us like from They Might be Giants (the only kids' song) to Indie to Christina Aguilera to my best friend Ali. Hope you enjoy, and let us know if you like (or hate) any of these.

Orion's favorites are Vampire Weekend - A-Punk and Cold War Kids - Somthing is Not Right With Me and he loves to dance to anything Vampire Weekend (he actually liked it last summer when they first got played on Sirius Left of Center, before they blew up). Little Joy is a side project form the drummer from the Strokes. There are some really really funny songs like songs from Of Montreal or Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure or Apoetnomadali - Upscale Orange County. The playlist is on "shuffle," you can turn shuffle off by hitting the button on the bottm There are 34 songs as of today, so don't forget to scroll down.



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

spunky butt

orion is pretty much back to his old self. been kinda busy with him, so no blogging! bo was really sick for a week or so, so i focused most of my attention on the boys getting better and trying to keep up with housework.

thanksgiving was great. i meant to post earlier about it, but i will have to make this one short. maybe later!

my mom is visiting up here. she was originally traveling to OC since vincent's birthday party is this coming weekend. since we cannot make it to the party anymore, she decided to come up here for a few days. it has been great! lots of homecooked food, a babysitter, and even cleaning too! she's taken a good load off my shoulders :)

i also wanted to post a small update about moriah. she has been having setbacks after setbacks, so she needs a lot of prayers! it has already been 18 days post-op, and she's run into several issues and is still in the hospital, with the breathing tube. she might even need another heart surgery, so they will find out tomorrow what the surgery team says. i feel awful that we can't even visit them because we have been sick. this is such a hard time for ANY parent, we know exactly what it's like, and it helps to have support nearby, even if it's just a quick check-in.

we actually have a clinic appointment next week, and i'm hoping we will be germ-free by then to at least see moriah's parents outside of CVICU.

please send them some love and prayers!!!