Saturday, November 22, 2008

long day at the hospital!

yesterday was unexepected. after a couple of nights of weird symptoms, we decided orion needed to be seen. he was breathing heavily, turning more blue, not eating/sleeping well, and was just overall cranky. we were able to see our pediatrician the same day, and in the office, his sats were around 92-93 (he's usually 98+). she said his lungs sounded clear and his ears looked good, but knowing his history, she wanted an x-ray done. headed off to LPCH!

his chest x-rays showed a teeny bit of fluid in his right lung. our cardiologist was busy that day, but he did take a look at the x-rays and reported to me over the phone. he wanted to the on-call to look at orion. so we waited in the heart center for a bit (by now, it was nearing the end of a friday) and we were so happy we were able to go to the clinic instead of ER! the attending we saw was great, and she decided to have orion return to his original dose of meds. he's back on lasix three times a day and is taking aldactone, or as we call it "pink bubblegum," again. since last night, he seems to feeling much better.

we are going to hang out at home next week to see how he's doing. if things improve dramatically, we will head down to OC for thanksgiving.

after hearing the news that we CAN go home, we paid a little visit to moriah to see how she's doing. much prayers out to her and her family please! her right lung collapsed :( she is getting treatment, and she's looking better, but there is still some stuff going on in there. let's pray she will heal soon so they may all go home! to read more about her, check under our heart families bloglist :) they are one of the cutest families we've met, EVER!

hope everyone's having a great weekend so far, and we look forward to spending our holidays with you!

p.s. i forgot to report one thing! the radiologist spoke with our pediatrician and told her that one of orion's chest pins broke?! our ped has no idea what this means, if it's a good or bad thing or what, so we are going to see her on monday to figure it out. sounds scary doesn't it? what a way to give mom a heart attack. will post more as soon as we find out!

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