Sunday, November 16, 2008

haven't posted in a while, been busy!

it seems blogging stops when we get back home from hospital days. it's hard to keep up when orion keeps me so busy! he's been doing really great at home. he just got his flu shot and RSV shot on friday. he was terribly grumpy for about two days, but he's back to his cheery self again.

today we visited beautiful moriah at lpch who just had her second open-heart surgery on friday. this is a sweet family i met through a heart forum. i was drawn to her mother victoria, when she sent an email out asking for support and advice after she found out prenatally that her daughter would be born with pulmonary atresia. PA is a more rare heart defect (it seems most kids are either tetralogy of fallot or transposition of the great arteries). anyway, i forewarned her and sent the longest email i've ever typed in my life. since then, i have always tried to keep up to date on moriah and her health and progress. it was great to finally meet them in person today! they are such adorable family, strong-willed and so much faith. we will be visiting them more often while they are up here and hopefully when we move down south we can have some playdates!

victoria, orion, and me

orion was pretty freaked out going into moriah's room. the beeping definitely triggered some memories, so he did not stay for long. he was really sad and clingy :(

but some happy stuff today! he's been really into giving kisses on our cheeks. i kept saying "awwww!" it was so darn cute, he started to kiss our chairs. we were cracking up, and he started to do it even more, i had tears in my eyes and a stomach ache from laughing so much. he is so adorable and we are loving this stage of so much discovery. they grow up so fast!!!!

also, my friend nik and i started a cooking blog :) she is a sweet neighbor i had back in irvine. we'd always see each other walking the doggies, and we soon became friends. check out our blog!

cooking with family and friends

we have several members already, and it's just a place to share recipes with our family and friends. she has some awesome recipes, lemme tell ya! she's got quite the hand for baking, and i can't wait to try out all her other meal recipes. if you're interested in becoming an author, let me know and we will invite you!

tomorrow, orion has a follow-up with cardiology. we dropped his lasix dose from 3 times to 2 times on friday, so we will see what the doctor says. i think he is still peeing the same amount though and still drinking like 40oz of water a day! will post an update after the appointment :)

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