Friday, November 21, 2008

happy 21 months orion!

orion is 21 months old on nov 21! my, has he come a long way in these last 21 months, and he is still going strong. his personality definitely shows his strengths, and he's got quite a personality!!! whenever he goes into surgery, i look back at old photos and remember milestones, fun times he's had, trials and hurdles he has overcome....i do the same when i also know another baby is in the hospital too.

we have been visiting moriah as much as we can, and the questions her parents ask us make me go back in time and remember all that has happened in his young life so far. i also love how much orion excites them just by seeing him and spending time with him. it lessens your worries when you see an older heart baby doing so well and being a happy-go-lucky kid. i appreciated seeing older kids as well while orion was going through tough times, or even before he was born! i recall being at ucla and the cardiologist we met with was kind enough to have us meet another heart baby (at the time he was just under two years old) and his mom. i was just in awe to see how beautiful this little boy was, how great it was to see him running around, and having the opportunity to talk to his mother. it was so encouraging, and i will always remember that day.

tonight though, orion really showed his determination and unwillingness to give up. and bo and i were very strong and did not give in (i'm usually the one that gives in after endless hours of crying). it was already past 10pm, and he was insisting on playing with his "coins" (leftover chocolate coins from his pirate booty on halloween). it was waaaaaay past bedtime and i had to be firm and let him know it was not time for play anymore. he cried and cried, i brought him into the bedroom, shut the door, and forced him to stay in there with me. he must have stood at that door crying his eyes out for 30 minutes. bo came in, he and i laid in bed while orion continued more crying for another 30 minutes or so. after a while, bo offered orion a bottle, left it on the edge of the bed, and we both said good night to him and pretended to go to sleep. within five minutes, orion came to bed, grabbed his bottle, and cuddled up with his dad. he was asleep in five minutes.

that dang kid!

but we love him like crazy and wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world :)

happy 21 months orion!

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