Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween fun!

so much fun being pirates! we paraded around LPCH for their halloween festivities. we arrived a bit late, so we caught the tailend of the celebrations. orion got some coloring books, crayons, bubbles, and a pumpkin just his size. he had so much fun, but it took a bit for him to get into the happiness of it all. so many kids and parents in costumes, it was quite overwhelming for our little boy.

we visited the heart center to say hi to all the nurses there. orion led the way into the heart center and went straight for his favorite toys. we were ready to head up to the third floor, but he insisted on sitting down at the kids table to color. we had to pull him away and he tried to fight it, but i lured him with a kit-kat (i know, awful).

we got to the third floor, and right when we got to the double doors to enter the cardiac unit, you could see some major poutage on his face! he was so sad and kept pointing to go the other direction, but we saw one of our favorite nurse practitioners and wanted to say hi. he clung on tight to dad as we walked through the halls towards the nurses station to wish happy halloween to the rest of the team. he was pretty scared, so (again) i lured him with candy (bad mama!) and he grabbed a kit-kat!

we left soon after and headed back down to the first floor and played in their georgeous courtyards. orion ran around and watched kids chase each other, and we had a nice little impromptu photo shoot. lots of pics being posted to flickr, i will let you know when they are all up.

after the daytime fun, we headed to anson's friend daniel's house for some nighttime fun. lots of kids, lots of yummy burmese food along with pizza and snacks....orion had a blast running around with the kids. it makes me feel really bad that he doesn't get to see kids often and play! i need to start socializing him more and treating him more like a "normal" child than a child with special needs. sigh....

so we all headed out for some trick-or-treating, and the first few houses were quaint. then we got to the street with spooky decorations and haunted houses. orion became weary and was holding onto dad tight with clenching fingers! it finally got to him when he saw a talking and singing skeleton, and down came the tears. awwwww after that, we just skipped most houses and made our way back to daniel's. orion dug through their candy bowl and kept taking out tootsie pops and handing them out to everyone. there was even one dad there who kept asking for a tootsie pop, but orion wouldn't give him one. i wasn't paying attention, but the man then picked up orion from under his arms!!!! i freaked!!! i was like, "you're not supposed to pick him up like that!!!" in my mind, i was thinking, what stranger picks up someone else's kid? don't they remember toddlers have stranger anxiety? anyway, the man quickly apologized and said he should have asked first. then i explained his body is recovering from surgery, and that was that. it was great to see orion did not feel any pain though, but wow, it sure caught me by surprise.

anyhow, we are home now and orion is safe in bed. he is pooped!!! i hope he sleeps well tonight - and in his own bed - so mama can get some good sleep too.

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