Sunday, November 23, 2008

getting a bit better, but nothing drastic

it's almost been two days since orion's dose of meds changed. his mood is better, but nothing life-changing. he is still having trouble sleeping at night (though his day nap he is fine). he's been coughing a lot, especially at night and in the morning. we will see how he continues to do through the week....

aside from that, we have been talking about getting a bigger car! the sentra is pretty small, especially when going on road trips, it's jam-packed in the back. so we test-drove the 2009 scion xB last night. what a fun, spunky car! we really did love it, but after coming home, we realized we honestly don't need a new car. we thought we could lease under our business and write it off, but really, we don't need a car payment right now. so that idea is out the window! maybe in the next year or two....but if anyone out there is looking into getting a spacious car that is not an SUV, seriously consider this car! it is such a great price, especially for what it offers, and you can't go wrong with a japanese car. plus, scion has set prices for all cars so there is no haggling. i think i should become a salesperson there!!

ok, i am off to start working on our new playlist. those songs are so outdated!!!


Verike & Ryan said...

Glad he's doing better! I miss having a bigger car also :( I used to have an Explorer in college. Gas mileage was terrible though - haha.

Tawny, Bo and Orion Aye said...

gas mileage is a big deal! a friend is selling his fx35 for a great price. if the mpg didn't suck, i'd totally be driving that thing right now!