Monday, November 24, 2008

back from peds

orion is looking great! his sats were 99 and the doctor said his lungs sound really clear. i forgot to mention in the last post, when we went to her office on friday, he had questionably gained more than one pound in one week. we definitely know that is fluid retention, not real weight gain! so today, he weighed in at his original weight. now we know the fluid is getting out.

we are still planning to stay near home for thanksgiving, even though he's look great. vincent's 5th birthday is the beginning of december, so we will be down for that for sure! we'll be up here having thanksgiving with the thipps which we know will be amazing and fulfilling haha.

on a side note, i hate walgreens!!! orion has medi-cal, and they are always trying to charge me whenever i pick up prescriptions. today, one of the ladies was trying to convince me that, because i didn't pick it up the same day i ordered it, the prescription becomes invalid and i would have to request a new prescription from the doctor. since when were you not allowed to not pick up right away? anyway, another lady came to check it out, looked a lot more closely, and said i am allowed 11 days to pick up, and thus, was given our medication, no charge, still covered under medi-cal. sheesh, i wish there was better consistency out there!!!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i hate walgreens too =)
i dont have the energy to argue with them when they make me pay for moriah's prescription (she has medical too).
so good to see orion's sats up to 99. woohoo!talk to u soon.