Wednesday, November 19, 2008

appt update

orion's cardiology appt went well! he is looking great, and the doctor took him off one medication. one less thing to worry about!!

since then though, orion's been pretty cranky, not sleeping well, and in general just fussy. he is still eating well and doesn't seem to have any issues with fatigue or breathing. we can't figure out what's going on. maybe he is about to hit another milestone or maybe some teeth are coming in. we are just waiting to see if we notice anything different about him or if he starts feeling better. i hope he gets better soon because his endless crying/whining is driving us crazy!

i also think it's time for me to close the doors to tawny's kitchen. not my actual kitchen but the blog! i don't post often, and i seem to be struggling with too many blogs anyway :) i can barely keep up with the aye team let alone the others! so, since i am usually the one who posts on here, i will probably just fit in some of my own personal stuff into the mix. i AM part of the aye team right?! and somehow, bo and orion fit into whatever i'm doing too :)

currently, i'm on a cooking high. well, whenever we are in the hospital, all we do is eat take-out or food that our family has cooked for us or brought to us. as much as we love eating out, sometimes it's just nice to have a home-cooked meal! since being home (can you believe it's only been one month?), we are just scrambling around trying to get to appointments, or prepping to go somewhere. it's tough to have a nice, hearty meal. so, most of the time, i make quick meals from easy ingredients picked up at trader joe's. BUT, i still miss the "cooking from scratch" deal. hence the new cooking blog, needing some inspiration from friends and family, and frankly some new ideas other than my usual chicken dish (which by the way bo says he can eat everyday - reminds me of that everybody loves raymond episode and lemon chicken).

it also doesn't help that orion is still on his high-calorie diet, and i'm ALWAYS at the store comparing nutrition facts looking for the highest content. this is not helping my figure!!! i am considering making two separate meals now so orion can have his fat, and bo and i won't! that just seems to tedious, which is why i still cook all the high-fat stuff for all of us.

i also spoke to orion's dietician yesterday. she suggested offering him pediasure for higher calories and more nutrients instead of the soymilk. funny, she said pediasure has no lactose in it, but i looked it up today and it does. i may offer it to him anyway. she also said not to worry so much about him not eating his starches or vegetables, but to just keep offering them to him. even if he refuses to eat it, he knows it is part of his regular diet if we routinely put it on his plate. he will eventually eat it. we think he must be going through a phase because before, he would only eat veggies and rice, and no meat. now, all he wants to do is chow down on meat! he is following his dad's footsteps.

anyhow, i have brownies baking in the oven, but i think they are going to be a disaster. even dinner last night was a disaster. i'm having some pretty bad luck cooking this week. hopefully things will improve by thanksgiving!!!

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Verike & Ryan said...

OK, I'm interested in your chicken recipe!