Sunday, October 26, 2008

wow it's been a whole week since our last post!

obviously orion has been keeping us busy! he is doing much better now. no more crying spells in the night, and he's sleeping much longer too. he used to wake up a lot in the middle of the night, now it's only a couple of times. AND he's sleeping in his own bed too, but only for the first half of the night. at least i get more bed space for a few hours :)

we've had quite a week! i went to a rummage sale and picked up an awesome early christmas gift for orion! and this is no ordinary rummage sale either. all the money goes to LPCH, so i know i am doing a good thing by buying more "junk" that we don't need in our house hehe. they have this sale once a month, and i have gone a couple of times before. stuff there is dirt cheap. i mean really, you can't go wrong with kids books for 10 cents or a nice radio for bo's office for 2 bucks or a lasagna dish i have been needing for only 75 cents! ok ok. on to orion's special gift: his very own kitchen!!!

he loooooooooves his kitchen! he goes through all the gadgets, loves putting things away, taking things out of the cupboards...he can spend hours in his little kitchen. he is definitely happy to be home.

we are also getting our home set up for halloween. i made decorations and placed them in our front windows, front door, and i still need to make a hanging decoration to put outside. we walk through our neighborhood daily, and he just loved looking at all the houses decorated with fun halloween things, so i thought he would enjoy it at home. i bought a pumpkin today too, hopefully bo will carve something cool :) we are still trying to figure out our costumes. i think we will spend tomorrow finalizing it. as for halloween day, we are going to LPCH for their festivities. we know everyone there, we know it's a safe place, AND they will offer much more than just candy! lots of games and toys will be so much more fun than candy for little orion.

semone and dennis are visiting this weekend. they came by this afternoon and we enjoyed some greasy, fatty lunch that gave us food coma while we watched a movie with our projector. orion didn't enjoy the movie so much, he wanted to play two guitars at the same time instead :)

he is happily asleep now, and i think i've caught up to all the chores i can manage for tonight. i am ready for bed! good nite!

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