Sunday, October 12, 2008

we will be here a little longer

the photo of meds previously posted were just his 8am ones. a lot. at
home, we split them up, so he won't get so many at once, but they like
to give the once-a-day ones in the morning. there are also a few extra
thrown in there that he doesn't take at home: calcium, colace,
aldactone, etc. he was so mad at me for giving them to him. sigh...i
hate being the bad one! but it's easier if i do it than the nurse.

i missed rounds today, but bo gave me the update. the team wants to
keep the chest tube in for a few days longer until there is no more
fluid draining. just yesterday, 24cc's drained. that's almost one
ounce. so their plan is to watch the drainage, take the tube out when
it's all done, modify his lasix dose and watch him for a couple of
days to see how he does. that will also help them figure out a good
dose for him to go home on. so it sounds like another week for us. i
knew the quick discharge was too good to be true! orion likes to keep
us on our toes :)

so....nothing else new to report. he started eating today, only after
he dropped a major poop bomb! empty tummy's gotta get filled up. he
only ate breakfast though and had no desire for lunch. maybe some good
vietnamese food that tina is bringing for dinner will entice him to

bo and i are both pretty exhausted. last night, bo left to run some
errands, and nearly 2 hours later, showed up in our room. i asked
"what took so long?" his response? "i fell asleep in the parking lot."

oh and mami adame: thank you for the cupcake offer! we will be
somewhat near-neighbors one day, so maybe we can have a cupcake-baking
party and the kids can have fun decorating :)

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Mami Adame said...

The thought brought tears to my eyes!