Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too much energy

Orion is loving life post-Glenn. TONS of energy, amazing appetite, and
all the time to play! This kid doesn't sleep! He's definitely keeping
mom and dad very busy.

He is not having as many crying spells as before, but he still wakes
up from naps and sleep with panic. It takes a good ten to fifteen
minutes to snap him out of it. Other than that though, he is a joyful

I think bo and I are finally caught up on sleep and back into the
routine of things. I FINALLY went grocery shopping today (it seems
like forever) so we had some homecooked comfort food tonight.
MEATLOAF! Orion ate nearly one slice, apparently he likes ground beef

He's now yelling at us to put his shoes on. Gotta go!

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Nik said...

i'm so glad to hear orion is back to normal, even if normal is exhausting for mom and dad! you guys are just so cute, i wish we could still hang out, imagine how much more enjoyable it would be with the little guys! meatloaf...mmmm, i'm making that myself today. i've been using ground turkey and chicken in place of beef lately for all recipes that call for ground beef, with much success. stuffed peppers are extra yummy! have a great sunday!