Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Has anyone experienced their child having itchyness after surgery?

Orion's incision as well as chest tube wounds are bothering him to the point where he scratches until they bleed. For now, he is taking benadryl, which hardly works, a onsie so he can't lift up his shirt, and a thick jacket so he can't get to his skin. Sad, I know, especially in this warm weather, but he can't afford an infection! I don't think we can put any topical stuff on, but I will be calling the pediatrician tomorrow to see if there is an alternative.

Aside from his physical self, he is doing just ok. He's very sad, doesn't smile much, and he isn't excited about anything. He will play with his toys here and there, but his spirit seems low. Since we can't take him anywhere for several weeks to keep him from getting sick, we are trying to figure out what fun stuff we can do at home. If anyone has any ideas, we'd really appreciate it!

Heading to bed, hopefully the next post will be more cheerful!


Mami Adame said...

Angelina was very irritated last time after surgery. I thinks its all the different adhesives they use. We just kept them covered too.
Guess it helps to have 2 older monkeys to entertain Angelina. Check out www.kneebouncers.com it might entertain him for a tiny bit!

Sonia Mara Adame said...

I'm sure O is po'd about the surgery. don't worry! His smile will come back soon:_)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hey Tawny,
Moriah keeps itching around her Nissen surgery site and around her G-tube - until it's raw. We are applying aquaphor around it, and it seems to help a bit. Benadryl isn't working for us either.
So glad ur home!
Love, love, love the new blog look!